This article explores the effects of mental health on social media sites.

We are coming out of a global pandemic. People suffered isolation and sought to escape their loneliness on social media sites. Did it help?

There are many advantages of using Facebook but there are disadvantages too.

For instance, people seeking company during the pandemic went onto Facebook and found toxicity due to the 2020 political election in the U.S. Inflammatory remarks were said and BAM Facebook users ended up in Facebook Jail. To make matters worse, no one knows how to get out of Facebook Jail. Apparently, you just have to wait until your "sentence" is over.

Users wishing free speech on social media left Facebook to go to MeWe. These MeWe reviews show the difference between Facebook and MeWe and the history of the sites that led Facebook users to flock to MeWe as a result of the 2020 political election.

Is Reddit any better for your mental health? This review of Reddit Quora explains that Reddit is pretty snarky. There are even subreddits devoted to being snarky.

So, should you give up social media altogether? No!

As a matter of fact, there is a great deal of humor such as memes on social media sites like Instagram. Do you want to bring a smile to people's faces? Here are instructions on how to make a meme page.

Also, good vibe quotes are all over Instagram and Twitter. Just search for them using hashtags like, #motivationalquotes, #goodvibesquotes and #inspirational quotes.

In closing, don't quit social media but do be selective regarding the sites you pick and the content you look at. In other words, modify your behavior until you are happy on social media.

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