Most of the creative ideas and the solutions are the result of insights. Each and every person has an ability to generate an insight but the spiritual people have the tendency of generating more powerful insights because they have understood the process of generating an insight. Insight can be defined as the solution of a problem which suddenly popped up in a mind which has not experienced or solved before. For an example, Scholars have the tendency of generating an innovative theory of an unsolved problem.
In this article, I am going to share some tips which can help you to understand the spiritual process of generating an insight which will help to enhance your creativity.

•Creative minds are spiritual minds
The first thing for you to understand is that highly creative minds are spiritual minds. Each and every innovative solution of an unsolved problem is the result of an insight. Creative minds have the tendency to think differently which generally means using their imagination without interference of their five senses. They are completely lost in their imagination which helps them to use their inner mind or subconscious mind to come up with something new.

•Imagine your own problem and try to solve it with your imagination
Creative people always seek for the problems because creative solutions are generated in order to solve the unsolved problems or to solve the existing problems in a better way. Imagination can take you everywhere and using your imagination in a productive way is a challenge. The first step to enhance the productivity is not to use your imagination to solve an existing problem but to imagine your own problem and also generating an imaginary solution. You just need to imagine the situation by relating it to your field of study, analyze the scenario in your imagination and then come up with an imaginary solution. This can really help in boosting your creativity so that you can increase the productivity of your imagination.

•Understand the power of emotions
The mixture of emotions and imagination is the requirement in order to generate an insight and the highly creative people can use their emotions and imagination in a proper way which helps them to come up with creative ideas for solving the problem. Emotions generate different kinds of energy on the body of a human being. Positive emotions generate a positive vibe in a human body and negative emotions generate a negative or harmful energy of a human body which leads to negative thoughts. For an example, Passion generates an energy to boost up the mind’s capacity to learn and explore whereas anger leads to destructive thoughts. It is always better to be in an alignment with positive emotion so that you can imagine creatively because the positive energy helps in increasing an efficiency of your mind for generating new concepts and ideas.

Hence, these are some useful knowledge which can help you to boost your creativity and use your mind in a spiritual way for generating a creative idea.

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Spiritual people can see things differently than other people. There are different stages of spirituality and one needs to be spiritual
to understand the spiritual journey.

Nirman Pradhan is an author who believes in simplicity.