Creativity is one of those words that implies something slightly artistic.That if you want to be thought of in terms of creative, it means creating something such as a painting, or a sculpture or writing a book or manuscript. Actually, creative is much more powerful than simply meaning that, it does mean creative , but creative in the sense that you as a person have an energy within you that allows you to create a life for you and for others.
This could be thought of in purely sexual terms, but again that is limiting. There is a sense that anything you do with your life is creative, if you are letting the life force inside you guide what you do and the direction you take.This could be around everyday life things to do with home and family, it could be around work, be it as a lawyer or a musician or it could be at school or college. What really matters, and how you boost your essential sense of energy is in recognizing that it is about being true to yourself and listening to your inner voice. All of us have a sense within us of internal direction and everyday we come into contact with people or situations who either lift our spirits or dampen them.
Sometimes it is thought of in terms of things that bring us alive as people or deaden us . It is that internal sense of energy that brings us fuller to our real life force. Being true to and following that energy will give us a greater sense of trust in ourselves and our ability to really be alive as human beings, not only in a physical sense, but perhaps more importantly, in an emotional sense.
A real block that many people have around this stuff is feeling that creativity only applies to things like writing or drawing or art or painting or photography. If you can get that actually creativity is a term that applies to your internal energy, in a chi sense , then its much easier to see this as something that is relevant in all areas of your life, every day whether its at home with your family or at work or whatever you may happen to be doing. Your internal energy can always be realized, and sometimes its just knowing that its there. Often we speak about feeling drained by someone or by their negative energy and that is the dark side of what we are really talking about here.

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