Instagram’s organic reach has been down for years to the dismay of Instagram users. Have you noticed?

Social media marketers without a budget are blocked from boosting their reach and the income generated from the sales on the platform.

This information will solve both problems.

There are many advantages to Instagram. One of them is the massive audience on the platform. Instagram has over one billion users. (Related: You will find more advantages to Instagram here:

Wouldn’t it be nice if you can reach that size of a crowd for free? About half of the marketers on Instagram pay to boost visibility. This means half don’t pay. If 50% of marketers can grow their reach and their income without a budget, so can you.

Let’s examine how to boost your organic success using the traditional marketing funnel.

Bring on these little-known Instagram secrets (Related: here you will find more Instagram secrets:

Have you heard of the A-I-D-A acronym?
A-I-D-A stands for Awareness, Interest, Desire, and Action.

Let’s take Instagrammers from start to finish. Let’s look at Awareness.

Instagram has several free stickers that enable you to make Instagrammers aware of your products and services.

Two come to mind: The countdown sticker and the poll.

Both stickers make people aware of your brand.

Let’s start with the countdown sticker:
Here are directions for using the countdown sticker to bring potential buyers into your marketing funnel.

Step 1: Start an Instagram story.

Step 2: Choose and name the countdown sticker. Give people a reason to save the countdown. Giving people instructions is called a CTA or “Call to Action.

When Instagrammers view your Instagram story, they will be able to turn on reminders and share the countdown to their story. (Related: Here you will find more information about viewing Instagram stories:

Do you see how the countdown sticker brings people into your marketing funnel by making them aware of your content, products, or services?

Instagram Poll

Let’s look at the Instagram poll and see how it accomplishes the same purpose, pulling Instagrammers into your marketing funnel.

Step 1: Start an Instagram Story.

Step 2: Ask a question and bring in a poll sticker.

People who respond are now in your marketing funnel.

How You Can Boost Your Organic Reach

When people enter your funnel, you can introduce yourself and your products and services in their DM.

When people engage with your content, it tells Instagram they are interested.

When you communicate with people in the DMs, it tells Instagram, people find your content interesting.

Your visibility gets boosted by the algorithms going forward.

Wrapping Up
In closing, this information explained Instagram cheats regarding the algorithm. (Related: Here you will find more Instagram cheats:

By boosting your organic reach in these ways, you get your products and services in front of more people. When you get in front of more people, you boost your sales and income.

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