In your business, what do you think is the most important quality that you must constantly maintain? Certainly, morale has to be one of them. This means a great deal in your lead generation and appointment setting

campaign. And this is still true even if you have outsourced generating sales leads to a competent telemarketing company. Telemarketing is mentioned because this is a vehicle

that can best reach out to prospects. You still have your own people who handle business negotiations on the phone. But how will you keep their morale up? Financial rewards might come first in your minds, but that is not all.

There are several ways to do so, and each one can be more effective than what a simple salary increase produces.

You might want to try:

1. Setting up an open forum – remember, your front line staff will know more about how lead generation is actually being done than you sitting in the office. Asking them what is going on will not only help you

improve your management, it will also serve as an assurance to your workers that you have their best interest at heart. Having a voice in the company is certainly a big boost to their morale.

2. Have a place to actually chill out during breaks – a company that is all work during the course of the day can be a real bore, plus it will also further increase the exhaustion of your employees. By creating a place

that they can relax, unwind, or simply talk with the others, you can make them feel more at ease. Not only that, it will also refresh their minds and help them perform better when they get back to the work table. A lot of

employees would actually be impressed with that.

3. Offer special incentives – cash commissions might sound like the right thing, but there are also other stuffs that you can offer, depending on their performance as well as your capacity to give it. You can give

the best performers a vacation trip, or maybe free staff meals, or probable electronic goods as prizes for great telemarketing work. You can try any or all of them.

4. Conduct team-building activities – this is a good way to build camaraderie and cooperation between agents. It will also be great if managers and team leaders get involved as well, since this will help them

connect better with their subordinates. Given the level of information that can be gained and to be collected regarding B2B leads, it is important that you increase cooperation between all elements in your business.

5. Hold fun occasion is the office – you can have costume days during special occasions, or you can have a special occasion unique to your company. The point here is that you add some kind of levity in the way

your people work daily. That will ease up their spirits while working.

All these are crucial factors that can help your business improve the morale of your telemarketing team. And this can contribute to an effective lead generation


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