Our jobs can turn to be miserable and make us stressful because of low morale. This arises when our authorities scold us and continuously interrupt us while in the process of executing our duties. Sometimes, we find ourselves working with people who don't want to co-operate when it comes to team work. They sabotage us from achieving the goals assigned to us.

Poor working conditions result to low morale. This makes you to have a negative attitude about your job and makes you not to give your best. Organizations make losses due to low productivity. Alexander A. Leighton defines morale as, "Morale is the capacity of a group of people to pull together persistently and consistently in pursuit of a common purpose."

It is satisfaction on your job and the general attitude you have towards your work that determines productivity. If employees who are working as a team have high morale, then the desired productivity is easily achieved. This also makes their job not to be stressful to them. It motivates them. High morale also reduces labor turn over, wastage of resources is minimal and avoids strikes thus it keeps employees grievances at minimum.

Nine Ways of Avoiding Low Morale

1.) Good Working Conditions

This includes provision of health services, safety of employees, welfare services, regulation of working hours, proper wage policy etc. All these help in creating job interest among the employees thus boosting their morale.

2.) Enlarging the Job

If there are many departments of the same work created by the organization, then the employees won't feel demoralized. They're rotated frequently to various departments hence learning new skills pertaining to those departments and reduce employee's monotony of doing the same tasks each day thus boosting their morale.

3.) Praising Employees

If employees are praised by their seniors about their job performance, then they have a sense of belonging and importance. This motivates them and boosts their morale to work efficiently.

4.) Freedom of Employees

Employees should be given freedom while performing their duties. This makes them to perform their work with confidence and have high morale.

5.) Good Treatment of Employees

If authorities continuously interrupt employees when performing their job, they may have a negative attitude. The authorities should not abuse employees as this lowers their respect which in turn leads to low morale. Authorities should treat employees kindly for them to have high morale.

6.) Provision of Financial and Non Financial Incentives

When employees are assured of job security, employees are given benefits, their social status recognized, credited for the work done etc, employees will have satisfaction in their work and high morale.

7.) Allowing Employees to Participate in Management

This is the most effective way of making employees to work better and to eliminate negative attitudes towards their work. It creates confidence, high morale and sense of belonging.

8.) Solving Employees Grievances

If the management department that is concerned with employees listens and solves grievances of employees, then low morale is eliminated.

9.) Proper Promotion of Employees

If employees are promoted without any prejudice, they'll have a positive attitude towards their job and the organization. This increases their productivity and high morale.

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