Tall individuals are lucky. They can engage in almost any type of sport and excel at it. When you are tall, playing basketball becomes fun and easy. You not only get the advantage of being able to reach the ring easier, you also find that it is a great boost to your ego when you can slam dunk the ball with ease. Aesthetically speaking, tall individuals are healthier and fitter to look at. Height contributes to achieving that long, lean look. Girls who are tall appear to have shapelier legs compared to those who aren't.

While it is impossible to grow tall beyond the physical point at which growth should stop, poor posture and unhealthy hours slouched in front of the computer screen have led to a condition known as spinal compression that actually makes an individual appear shorter than he or she is. With regular stretches and the performance of exercises to grow taller, it is possible to increase the length of your spine and add a few inches to your height.

Exercises to grow taller are usually derived from many Yoga poses. These flexibility workouts allow your spine to fully extend and decompress so you improve posture, carry yourself better and feel and look taller. Try the following stretches for added height:

1. Do the Cat Pose. Begin by kneeling down on all fours on a Yoga mat. Keep your hands ands knees about two fist-widths apart. Gradually lower your stomach to the mat, arching your spine and with your head and tailbone pointed directly towards the ceiling. Your arms should not bend as you do so. Hold this U-shape position for about a full minute before rounding up your spine as high as you can go in an upward arc. This time, your head and tailbone should face downwards with your entire back shaped like a horseshoe. Again, hold the position for thirty to sixty seconds before relaxing.

2. Do the Rabbit Pose. Sit on your knees by lowering your buttocks onto your heels. Let your arms grab your heels from behind, making sure that the thumbs just rest along the outer rims of your feet. Feel the stretch in your spine. Then, bring your head towards your knees, rounding up your vertebrae as you do so. Let your forehead rest on the ground as you attempt to bring your knees towards your head, rounding your back even more. Stay in this posture for thirty to sixty seconds before relaxing.

3. Do the Dog Pose. Begin in a standing position. With your feet hip-width apart, bend down and put your palms shoulder-width apart in front of your feet keeping your fingers spread out. Step your feet back by about four feet and gradually straighten your legs. This time, your body should form an inverted "V" shape. Raise your hips and press your legs back while extending the heels down. Gradually straighten your elbows and feel the stretch in your trunk. Your legs and arms should be held firm with your head relaxed. Stay in this position for a maximum of thirty seconds before bending the knees and coming down.

Make sure that you keep breathing throughout these postures. You should feel minor discomfort as you do the stretches, but if you feel pain in anyway, stop the exercise and consult your doctor before proceeding.

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