I'm going to get right to the point by saying that I'm tired of many of those who profess to know how to be successful in Network Marketing proclaiming that Duplication is your assurance of making big money in MLM, or as many refer to it as Network Marketing.

Either way, the point is that I can remember my first MLM experience and how my upline told me that what I needed to do was to duplicate what he was doing, so that I could move up in the rankings to higher pin levels. Well, if you don't already know it, I'm here to tell you that it is not about getting to higher "pin levels," but rather, the focus is for me, and should be for all those who have signed up in an MLM company, and that is, "How Much Money Can I Earn" in the first thirty days and beyond.

The other gripe I have is that only a small percentage of networkers actually earn huge incomes in the industry . The percentage of failures in MLM is approximately in the 95% range. That is totally unacceptable!

How can I as a professional networker look my new recruits straight in the eye and tell them to join me and that we're going straight to the top, if the only system I have for them to duplicate is buying leads that have probably been used and reused, or to pick up the telephone and cold call twenty or thirty people per day to get to the top?

The problem with that is that particular modus operandi does not fit well with probably most of the people who are joining my team or your team. The reason why this does not work except for a few, is all of the rejection you get when you cold call.

So there you have it, a newbie signed up and was on fire to go to the top of his/her company, but to be hit with the cold reality that cold calling is "Cold," and only works for a few. His fire dies down and before 60 to 90 days have expired, he/she quits.Let me just out and say it.....let's stop this foolishness of telling the new recruit to duplicate those methodologies that require duplication that will usually cause him/her to bring on his/her team one or two people, if he/she is lucky after working hard cold calling or working leads that just don't seem to bring in as many new recruits as was anticipated.

What's the solution to our problem? First and foremost, we need to develop a better self image of who we are in MLM. There is no other endeavor that I know of that will pay as huge an income monthly as Network Marketing. As a matter of fact, many people in our society will be hard put to earn what the top network marketers earn monthly on an annual basis.

Therefore, we must hold our heads high and not be arrogant, but to be confident when we're asked "what do you do?" Our response should be, "I'm a Professional Network Marketer," or something similar to that kind of response.The second step we as networkers should take and that is, to learn the recruiting methods that get results, and without all of the rejection we've been historically accustomed to receiving. It is not necessary.

It is possible to recruit twenty or thirty people into your downline per month and never be rejected. Would'nt you love to be able to tell your new recruits that you have a system that is "Rejection Free?" You can have that ability today!

The third step we as networkers must take, and that is to realize that there is more than one way to build a strong downline and those who will do the work in that downline will earn big money. What I mean by there is more than one way, is so often you will hear upline tell you that "the way" to succeed in network marketing is their way. Their way my work well for them, but their way my not feel comfortable to John Doe or Mary Doe coming into the organization.

What if there was a way to give John and Mary Doe a list of twenty or thirty recruiting methods that have been proven to work, and let them choose from that list several of the methods that fit them and that they feel comfortable working with? The methods do exist and they are powerful, and they can be utilized without getting rejected! Space will not allow me to elaborate on the methodologies here, but keep an eye out for my future articles which will cover these points that we have been discussing today.

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