Getting rich and living a prosperous life is what most, if not all, of us always dream about, but unfortunately it's something only a few are able to realize.

You might say it's because they were already born with a golden spoon in their mouth, or that because they have an in-demand, opportunity-rich college degree from a renowned school, and they were lucky enough to land a high-paying job immediately after graduation.

While it's true that having rich parents or good educational background, among others, are contributing factors - plus factors - to one's success, those factors alone are not what helps you to become successful and rich.

- How to Become Rich Fast- Clarify Clearly What You Want

The first step on how to become rich fast is having a complete grasp of what you want to have.

Determine exactly what you want.

Picture them in your mind, better yet, write them down.

Listing down your goals will help you see clearly where you are headed and will make it easier for you to see where you are currently at and how you are progressing.

Knowing what you want is not as simple as "I want to be rich." You have to state specifics: "I want a big yet cozy home and drive a beautiful car."

- How To Become Rich Fast- Set Your Time Frames

Once you set your goal clearly, it will be easier for you to plan your next course of action: setting short-term goals.

You can then start working hard and save money to buy yourself the car you wanted by the end of the year and the house by next year if possible, or whichever you plan first.

Also, remember to have a time frame and set it at a realistic level. It would definitely be great to have both in a few months, but that would mean working 24 hours a day, everyday. Even then, for some it may still be financially impossible as some jobs simply don't pay as much.

For students, your short-term goal is to finish your studies for after you can start working, earning, and saving for the car and house. And you can even make a shorter goal out of it, like prepare this project this week, and finish the thesis by this month, and so on.

- How to Become Rich Fast: Start from Yourself Today

The key component on how to become rich fast lies within you: despite your current status quo, educational background, and what not, have a positive, can-do attitude.

Remember the first step?

That's something others can't and shouldn't do for you. And once you've done that first step, fulfilling the rest still depends on you.

Start thinking positively. Believe that you can do all those short-end goals necessary to achieve your ultimate dream: getting rich. And be prepared to tackle obstacles that would come your way headlong as you work hard to realize your goals.

You alone can make that change in your life so start working on yourself - your thoughts, your dreams - for that is the only true way how to become rich fast.

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Imagine never having any financial worries again? Imagine having enough money so that you can buy the house, car and holiday you’ve always dreamed of and wanted. This should not be some dream or fantasy that you never get to realize. You really can and will have all this and more when you discover the proven strategies of how to become rich fast.