succeed still most people get patience incorrectly as they perceive it as some kind of helplessness.
Contrary to common beliefs patience can make you more powerful provided that you understand it correctly and do it the right way.
In this post I am going to tell you about 5 ways that can make you patient and powerful:

1)Patience is different than admitting defeat: Some people think of patience as passive waiting or even admitting defeat while in fact patience is just a decision to not let the current events affect your mood because you know that sooner or later you will be able to fix things. When you decide to become patient know that you are not admitting defeat but you are just waiting for victory to come.

2)Patience is not waiting: Patience is different than waiting. In order to be patient the right way you need to be doing your best to change the situation you are in while controlling your emotions. If you have lots of bills that you can’t meet then patience in this case would be not allowing the bills to make you feel bad while working on another way to increase your income or to manage your expenses.

3)Patience is optimism: Some people think that patience is the decision the person takes when everything goes wrong and when he has no other options while in fact patience is a state of optimism where you decide that you are going to wait because sooner or later things will turn to the better. When you decide to be patient decide to be positive too so that your patience makes you feel better.

4)Patience is power: Instead of feeling defeated, crying or even becoming depressed you can make the choice of being patient. In such a case patience is a powerful state that allows you full control over your emotions and impulsive responses. The next time you decide to be patient remind yourself that you are being powerful too.

5)Patience is wisdom: Sometimes doing the right thing in the wrong time can bring bad outcomes. Patience is not a passive state where you wait for the white knight to come and save you but it’s a state of wisdom where you wait on intention because you know that this might not be the right time to take an action. The next time you decide to be patient remind yourself that you are being wise too.
Now that you understand that patience makes you optimistic, in control, confident and wise you should never regard it as passive waiting

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