More and more people are becoming millionaires by simply offering high ticket consulting in the online arena. These people do not need to bore themselves with 9am-5pm job and they get to work from home. If this career sounds enticing to you, I can help you become one of these people. Here’s what you need to do to make things happen:
1. First thing to do is to figure out the things that you’re very good at. Are you good in running a small business? Do you have a degree in Engineering? Do you have financial and accounting background? Are you good in fashion? Are you considered an IT expert? You need to consider your strengths when choosing the field that you’ll get involved in. Just make sure that it’s lucrative and that you’re targeting those people or companies who have the capability to shell out as much as $10,000 for your services without straining their financial resources.
2. Know how to properly sell yourself. People will not be convinced that you’re good unless you give them proofs. Get these people to see your worth by simply creating an impressive online portfolio and by showcasing your in-depth knowledge in your chosen niche. List down your achievements that are related to your consulting programs. For example, if you’re a CEO of one of Fortunes’ top 100 companies, make sure that you mention that. This will surely impress those people who are looking for consultant who can give them an expert advice as to how they can properly run their business. Also, don’t forget to offer in-depth information in the online arena so people can gauge you expertise. You can do this through article marketing, ezine publishing, and through blogging.
3. Be willing to charge more. You might not believe this but there are so many consultants out there who are just way too afraid to use higher tag prices. They think that this will scare off their potential buyers. Well, let me tell you that charging more can actually help your consulting business as this will help you increase the perceived value of your offerings.
4. Do not disappoint your customers. It may take years before you can position yourself as the very best in your field and it may only take one disgruntled customer to ruin it overnight. This is the reason why I suggest that you take good care of all your clients. Ensure that they will have nothing but great words for you. You see, your potential buyers will most likely to do their research before they make a purchase. If they see that you have even just one customer that is not satisfied with your offerings, they will surely think twice about doing business with you. They’ll reason that they don’t want to put themselves on the shoes of your unsatisfied customer. You don’t want that to happen, right?

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Sean Mize is an expert at using article marketing to drive highly targeted traffic to websites. He initially developed and mastered many of the advanced article marketing tactics that are currently being used by hundreds if not thousands of marketers today (he has personally taught several thousand clients his article marketing methods and techniques)

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