If you are like me and you were not born with the Brad Pitt gene, then you probably know what its like to be overlooked by girls. Although "being attractive" is a relative term there certainly are guys who have little or no trouble attracting women. One of the biggest mistakes guys make however is to think that girls think about guys like guys think about girls. As men we cannot help but judge women on their look - initially at least. We almost exclusively look at a women' physical features to determine our interest and for the most part its something that happened automatically in your subconscious mind.

The good news for us guys is that women evaluate men very differently. Although looks do play a role, its not nearly as important as it is for women. Just think of all those rich old men and the incredibly hot (and young) women who chase after the. Although I'm not saying that you have to be rich to land a hot girl, what I am saying is that this is something that is important to women. Its instinctive for women to feel attracted to rich men since women subconsciously think about whether a man is a goof provider for her and her children.

Successful men, like rich men are attractive to women. Success brings a certain level of recognition and respect and if she becomes your girlfriend then she will automatically be associated with that success. To an extent she will get that respect and that recognition that you get from your success which is something that all women want. Wealth and success usually goes hand in hand which is why rich and successful men tend to have the first pick at girls. You can argue that its the survival of the fittest and like in nature the "strongest" get to choose first.

While wealth and success are just 2 important qualities there are many more that you can cultivate to make yourself more attractive. By just "cleaning up" and presenting yourself better you really can make some great advances with girls. Ditch the mustache, the tracksuit pants and your Iron Maden t-shirt and get with it. Dress relevant to the current fashion and clean up. Do everything you can do look the best you can because most guys do not even make the effort. Women notice these kinds of things so make sure you pay attention to the way you look and present yourself.

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