How to Become an “Out of Shape” Fitness Nut!
Part I

Hey guys, it’s Griff Neilson with Lifelong Fitness, and today I want to present you with a topic that is a bit unconventional in the health and fitness realm, but nonetheless relevant to our collective modern lifestyle. Before I present this topic to you, I want to clarify that I am NOT a saint in this area. I have become more aware of my own personal red flags and have taken action to correct them. I hope the following article will help provide you with insight and illumination into your own lifestyle.

I once knew a man named Greg who was an attorney. He was a very ambitious and talented individual. Greg was one of those people who owned his own company and had a million other “ventures” going on in the background of his life. He was successful in many areas, and many people looked up to him. However there was one area of Greg’s life that, while not entirely empty, was also not entirely fulfilled. This “gray” area was Greg’s health and fitness, both mentally and physically.
If I were to take 100 people off the street, point to Greg, and ask them if Greg was in shape, 99% of them would answer with a definitive YES. Based on conventional wisdom, Greg would be considered in shape; after all, he exercises and has a body fat level in an appropriate range that is pleasing to most female eyes. Greg is always trying the newest fitness fad and is consumed with the latest trends. The problem is that Greg is NOT in shape when measured by a true physiologically balanced protocol. Please allow me to explain. Greg currently embodies the “Out of Shape” fitness nut that I will describe in the remainder of this article. Greg has mastered the following criteria. Where do you stand?

Your Personalized Guide to Becoming an “Out of Shape” Fitness Nut
Step #1: Stress Yourself to the Max!
-Indulge yourself in work and make no excuses. Take no time for rest or vacation. Remember that you have to make a living and nothing really counts until you have “made it.” Remember that you will never accumulate enough because you always need more. So if your spiritual, emotional, physical, or mental health stands in your way, knock them on their butt where they belong because you are on a mission, and there is work to be done! Remember that “stress” is a code word for success: the more of it you have, the better you are doing! Keep up the great WORK, and never stop doing it!
Step #2: Forsake a Normal Sleeping Pattern!
-In the spirit of #1, please forsake your sleeping pattern. Work hard, play hard, and sleep minimally. Sure, some may say that sleep is the pinnacle of good health and that it balances our system in ways that we cannot comprehend, but what do they know? Sleep is overrated, and, in the end, it is a waste of time. Get by with what you can, and get it when you can. No need to be structured about it.
Step #3: Eat Haphazardly
-You’re busy, right? And I know that you don’t have time to really prepare your nutrition. I mean, who really expects you to do that? So let me make this step really simple for you. I want you to roll with the punches. If your work colleagues tell you that you have no choice in what you put in your mouth, please believe them. Remember that pleasing others is the only thing that matters, even if it means compromising your health. Eat healthy when you can, but if “life happens,” roll with the punches. Just eat processed and convenient foods because they are convenient. Don’t worry about preparing your foods based on the layout of your day because it takes way too much time. There are plenty of fast food restaurants and other ventures that are looking out for your health, and they will accommodate you.
Well, there you have it, my friends! If you are one of those “workout buffs” who participate in one or more of the preceding habits, I have news for you: you are well on your way to becoming an “out of shape fitness nut” just like Greg. Next week I will continue with your personalized guide and explain WHY you are out of shape. Until then always remember, Life is Good!


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Hi I am Griff Neilson owner and Author of FitMent Inifinty, a corporate wellness 12-week program. My passions are Personal Trianing, writing, public speaking and behavior modification.