When you become an expert in your niche, you will be able to increase your sales dramatically. Your followers will by your products, or buy your affiliate recommendations because you are the expert. This article will explain how you can become an expert in your niche quickly.
When you increase your sales by giving away valuable free information, this is called the Oprah principle. Oprah has had a talk show for years. She built a large following by delivering value to her target audience for free. Now when she recommends something it is an instant success.

You can do the same thing on a smaller scale with articles.

Here are five steps that you can follow to become an expert in your niche in no time.
Step 1: Write 10 Quality Articles – Make the articles between 500-750 words. Also make them about the same topic. You can use the FREE Keyword Questions tool to find out the top 10 questions in your niche.
Your 10 articles will be the answers to these questions. Make sure you write quality articles by using search engines to find more information about the answers to your questions.
Step 2: Create a Signature Tag – The key to creating a good signature tag is to have a strong offer with a call to action to click on a link that directs your readers to your squeeze page.
Step 3: Build an Email List – Use a good list management tool with a high deliverability rate. Use your articles as content for your newsletter. Also register with affiliate networks like Clickbank.com, ShareASale.com, and CJ.com to find relative affiliate products that you can offer to you subscribers. Strategically mix your affiliate offers with your valuable content.
Step 4: Syndicate your Articles – You can do this online by submitting your article to article directories and Social Media sites. You can do this offline by submitting your articles to niche magazines and/or newspapers.
Step 5: Repurpose Your Articles – You can easily convert your articles to audio by reading your articles on a conference call. FreeConferenceCalls.com allows you to record your conference calls for free, and they will even archive your recorded conference calls in MP3 and WAV formats.
Also record short 1-3 minute videos about the same thing you wrote about in your articles and submit it to video sites like YouTube.com. Include a link to your squeeze page in your video descriptions.
Follow these steps and you will soon be the Oprah of your niche.

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