Are you looking forward to entering the iOS development industry as a professional? Fortunately, the tech industry is growing more than ever. Learning iOS development has become easier than ever. It's a good decision indeed.

The usage of mobile has grown and so has the use of applications. Hence, the unfulfilled job position in the app development market is seeing a huge rise. There are countless job positions at various levels. Individuals are looking forward to hire dedicated Swift developer at both entry and senior levels such as interns, experts, juniors, and seniors.

Read on to learn how you can become an iOS developer within a short period.

Invest in a Mac An iPhone or Mac is mandatory if you are serious about developing iOS applications. You need to have practical experience of the basic workarounds such as Mac in Cloud, Hackintosh, etc. Mac is the primary working tool of iOS developers. However, you don't need an expensive, newest or fastest Mac device.

Mac Mini proves to be a perfect buy for new entry developers. Also, it offers the best value for a given price tag. The best part is that you'll get mobility without compromising on the screen size.

Learn programming languages

It is one of the most difficult steps you'll be required to deal with coding. Individuals with programming backgrounds won't have a hard time learning Swift, Objective-C, etc. - they are object-oriented, standard programming languages. Individuals, who have zero knowledge of code, can take up two amazing resources – Apple's Swift language and Objective-C tutorial by Ry.

You need not learn all the concepts in detail as you can learn most of the concepts with practical experiences. However, you need to dedicate yourself completely to all these data types, loops, variables, classes, and pointers.

Follow the tutorials for creating different apps

At this point you'll learn to build something useful. There is a lot of stuff available online that can be used for learning and building iOS applications. These tutorials include step-by-step descriptions and giant databases for iOS development tutorials. You can build applications by following the tutorials.

But don't limit yourself to these tutorials and sites. You may get started with creating a calculator app, currency converter app, weather app, and more. The point is to get started with creating whatever app you like, provided there is a tutorial for it.

Create a customized application

Once you have learned the basics of learning different apps you may start creating your custom app. The application can be shown in the interview when you apply for the job. Don't pressurize or stress yourself to create an application that is capable enough for completing the big platforms. Leverage that knowledge and interest for building the app. Focus on stylish, working, and clean code.

Gain in-depth knowledge about software development

You can still become an expert software developer even if you haven't studied software development in college. There are several software engineering, computer science, and programming topics that can be learned online at home.

However, it may not be as similar as getting a professional degree, but it will surely help you in attaining the right skill sets and knowledge needed to become an iOS developer.

Focus on building a working app

After a few months, days, or weeks of learning, you'll attain the proficiency needed for building a working application. It will be presented before the interviewers looking to hire a dedicated Swift developer. Hence, put your best efforts and work into it. Employers look for clean code, storyboards usage, working app, CocoaPods usage, code organizing, and external libraries usage in the app.
Publish the application to the App Store
It's an optional step as an iOS developer account is needed for publishing the app on the app store which may come at an average cost of $99. There is a high chance that the app won't be able to meet that cost. Hence, it's completely up to you to decide whether you want to publish your app on the official platform or not. However, most employers consider it as a huge plus factor in the resume.

If your application is in the App Store it means that you have complete knowledge of the publishing process and the restrictions of Apple's app store. Also, you'll know about the other things that go into publishing an app such as keywords, description, promo video, screenshots, etc.


If you are dedicated and serious enough to learn about iOS then you can easily land a job as a iOS developer. Initially, you may find a job as a junior or intern. Attain enough skills and knowledge needed to land on your first job and then the rest will follow accordingly. To create your resume to find the dream company, acquire the right skills, and are ready to create iOS applications with them.

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