What is Academical Writing

Academical writing can be defined as,

“A method of researching and creating information about technical processes or products”.

The main objective of technical writing is to present the hardcore technical information to the non technical people in a way that it is easy to understand and follow.
Uses of Technical Writing

Academical writing is commonly used to create brochures, newsletters, instruction manuals on how to use a specific electronic/chemical product, product descriptions and various marketing and promotional materials Hence it broadly falls into the category and advertising and marketing copywriting.

Academical or Technical writing is totally different from essay and creative writing. It is a misconception that technical writing is too stiff and mechanical. However, there are a few basic characteristics of technical writing, which you must understand before making your mind to create technical write ups.
Best Fields for Technical Writers

Nowadays, technical writers are a lot in demand. Due to the constantly emerging new and innovative technological products; websites, blogs and companies require technical writers who could create product manuals and FAQs for their customers.

Best fields for technical writers are technology, product reviews, instruction manuals, online magazine and blog networks.
Types of Technical Writing

Technical writing can be broadly divided into the following kinds:

* Legal
* Medical
* Scientific
* Mechanical
* Business
* Expository

Properties of Technical Writing

One of the essential characteristics of technical writing is maintaining accuracy. If you are writing a review of a newly launched Nokia mobile phone and you miss on one important detail, this will convey the customers that there is nothing special about this product and they would buy another mobile phone instead. Technical writing requires that the information you provide is based on accuracy and quality content.

Write the technical document in a layman’s tone so that the customers who are not really techie fans are also able to understand what the product is all about. Try cutting down on the use of jargons because again, this is going to confuse the customers. Keep your language and expression simple and meaningful. Use of complicated words may put the readers in a quandary.

Be as descriptive in distinguishing the technical product as you can. More than half of the customers come from a non technical background and they need to have sufficient details otherwise they will not be able to picture the product correctly. If you are creating a manual for an electronic product which explains how to operate it, make sure you cover every aspect of its functioning.

Technical writing requires that you use correct grammar and sentence structure. Write down the key features in the form of headings, sub headings or bullet points as this will make the manual easy for the customers to read.

Degree Programs in Technical Writing and Communications

Technical writing is sometimes known as technical communications, and master’s degree program in this field provide writers with advanced knowledge and practical application in rhetorical theory, editing, documentation and design.

With the development of new technology an advancements in communication systems, the demand for technical writers is on the rise. The expertise of professional writers well versed with the characteristics of technical writing is required in every technical field such as computer software, IT technology, medical science, automobile industry, mechanics, scientific fields etc.

It is assumed that if a writer has a degree in any technical field or a sound interest in it, he can make thousands of dollars in a month. This trend has become common and almost every other writer seems to try his luck in technical writing; thus, giving rise to a cut throat competition in the field.
FAQs Related to Technical Writing Certifications, Courses, Diplomas & Degree Programs
Q: Should I get a graduate or Mater’s degree in technical writing?

Yes, A Master’s degree would help you in beating other technical writers and book yourself a highest ranking in technical writing jobs by having an official certification on your resume. An MS in technical writing combines the production of content, designing of information, writing and theory.
Q: What kind of training are students given in technical writing programs?

The students are introduced to courses and writing exercises which train them so that they are able to keep up with rapid changes taking place in the science and tech world. The graduates of MS technical writing are equipped with skills to write precisely and correctively for several technical fields.
Q: What is my scope after acquiring a technical writing degree?

Writers benefitting from a graduate level or masters level degree can effectively produce content for online help systems, electronic wizards, blogs, websites, multimedia tutorials, reports, text books etc.
Masters Degree Program Information for Technical Writers
Course Information

Typically, universities offer eight courses to students of MS Technical writing. The duration of MS in technical writing varies from eighteen to twenty four months. During the program, the students are encouraged to interact with communities of technical writers and pursue internship openings. At the end of the master program, the students are required to present the portfolio of their writing.

Earlier, only a few universities agreed to include MS in Technical Writing as part of their university program but now a number of universities and colleges across the globe are offering the course, realizing its significance in the tech world. Notable names include Portland State University, University of Minnesota, Madonna University, University of Limerick, University of New Mexico and Utah State University.
Academic Prerequisites

Students who intend to enroll in master’s level degree program in technical writing should have a bachelor’s degree. Preferred candidates will have a degree in a related field, like English, creative writing or journalism. Some universities require students to provide their GRE scores and writing samples for consideration.
Online Technical Writing Courses

Students can also earn online masters degree in Technical Writing. In distance learning, the communication between students and teachers is carried out through emails, discussion boards, video conferencing etc. Popular online courses include:

* Content Management
* Computer Software
* Technical Publications
* Digital Communication
* Technological Change
* Consulting
* Creative Writing
* Corporate Communications
* Multimedia

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