Many young graduates want to get job in air hostess/flight attendant jobs. Salary of an air hostess is very lucrative. So, you have to know how to become a flight attendant/air hostess. You may join an air hostess course to take air hostess training. This is a high job profile profession in India. Air hostess job is a dream of young girls.

This job is not limited to handsome salary tour and travelling, but you meet people from different cultures, visit different locations, you have a chance to meet celebrities, politicians, business delegates, and learn new things.

Air hostess job may seem to be easy, but it has many of responsibilities at the aeroplane, it is not a simple job. Air hostess have to welcome every passenger, coordinate with securities, take care of passengers, guide passengers about seating and safety guards and much more. All passengers are not the same because someone creates so much trouble for you, then air hostess have remained patience and calm, and politely handled that passenger.

Eligibility criteria for an air hostess:
Eligibility criteria of the aviation industry are must be a degree in graduate or 10+2 age is 18-26 years. Height is min 157.5 cm,5.16 inches, required BMI Eyesight is the normal vision,6/6 or 6/24, both eyes Communication is most important in this industry, proficient in English in written or verbal both Unmarried or married depends on the recruiter.

Age and Marital Status:
Aviation industry decides the age limit that depends upon their rules. Mainly academies prefer job seekers of age groups- 17 to 26 years. Further marital status also depends on their policy. Mostly, unmarried girls are preferred, but some institutes are selected married women also.

Physical Standard:
Air hostess jobs have very strong behaviour and physical look. The minimum height of the girl should be 5.2″ or 157 cm. Thus, weight should be proportional to their height. Skin colour must be fair complexion. Physical fitness must be attractive physique.

Medical and Fitness:
Candidates should be physically fit. Eyesight must be 6/9. Above is the qualification of an air hostess. If you want to pursue air hostess as your career then must fulfil the above qualifications.

Behavioural Skills Required:
If you have educational, physical, or medical qualifications then must have certain behavioural skills to do air hostess job in Lucknow.

Pleasing Personality:
The professional look and soft voice are required. You should have friendly behaviour with passengers. A friendly and good personality can be an air hostess.

Excellent Communication Skills:
Command in your language and communication skill required. You may know how to handle passengers on board and convince them if they are asking for something.

Sensible Mind:
In case of the emergency landing, an air hostess should be able to instruct inexperience and panic passengers on board. His/her willpower must be strong.

Team Work:

An air hostess or steward should be a team coordinator. A cabin crew comprises over 12-14 members, and need to work in smartly.

Ready to Work for long Hours:

Sometime your working hours may be extended. Due to bad weather or some technical problem so be ready to work for long hours.

Positive Attitude:
Remember that, an air hostess/steward should be a positive attitude and be ready to do all assigned jobs.

Recruitment Process:
Airline companies recruiting job seekers through a written exam followed by a group discussion and an interview.

The overall conclusion is, if you want to make your career in air hostess then you have the overall knowledge of above these professional skills for your relevant job profile.

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