Sport is a part of our life. Some of us enjoy watching sports, and some enjoy playing sports. Outdoor and athletic training is necessary for sports. Doing physical work sometimes results in an injury. So every professional team requires a first-aid man. If you want to become a sports first aid trainer, you need to know some necessary information about first aid. 

Why Is Sports First Aid Training Necessary?

During a training session or a game, players and athletes engage in physical work. So it is only natural if they may face any cut or injury. So please give them primary medication, there should be a doctor or a medical person. First aid is not a definitive treatment but to avoid serious damage. 

This is the reason, and a sports first aid trainer is necessary for a team. They always take care of the athletes and take pre-hospital measures to avoid serious conditions. But you can not become a sports first aid trainer without proper training. You need at least one sports certification to get a First Aid trainer job.  

Which Sports Need First Aid Trainers? 

Every sport that has engagement with physical labour needs first aid trainers. As the UK is home to many physical sports, the demand for a quality trainer is high. However, some sports need even a doctor during the game, e.g. boxing, MMA, and other violent sports. But first aid trainers are very common in other sports. 

They use the same training just in different circumstances and different injuries. But all of them are trained by a first aid course. 

Become A Sports First Aid Trainer 

Anyone who wants to become a sports first aid trainer must know some key facts like first aid equipment, their usage and the common injuries in sports. If you do not have any idea of first aid training, I suggest you to look at the following sections- 

1. Know About First Aid Kits


A first aid kit box is full of medical supplies. All primary medication supplies must be equipped in a first aid kit box. If you don’t know about the supplies, here are some tips for you- 

Basic Supplies or Common Items 

There are some common supplies that every sports first aid trainer must keep in his/her toolbox. The most common things are mentioned below-  

  • Foam roller
  • Pain-relieving sprays   
  • Athletic tape
  • Blister plasters (if necessary) 
  • Paracetamol 
  • Common first supplies, e.g. sterile wipes, antiseptic cream, adhesive and non-adhesive bandages, plasters(if necessary), ice packs etc. 
  • Blanket (if necessary) to recover the shock 
  • Antiseptic wipes
  • Microporous tape 
  • Credit card/cash (if necessary) 

Supplies For Highly Clashing Games

Clashing or highly competitive games (football, cricket, hockey, rugby and other games) need some special supplies of first aid or some supplies in more quantity. Some of these supplies are-

  • Ice packs
  • Elastic bandages
  • Wound dressings
  • Blunt-ended scissors
  • Safety pins
  • Microporous tape
  • Cold spray

Supplies for Singles Games

Single or Double player games are normally racket based games. They run too much between a fixed place. So naturally, you need medical supplies that assist in ankle-twisting and muscle pulls. Some of the must need tools are- 

  • Blister plasters (A must)
  • Anti-friction balm (especially in tennis) 
  • An ankle brace (for all racket sports) 

Supplies for Track Games

Track athletes are track runners, hurdlers, high jumpers, long jumpers. The special medical supplies they might need- 

  • Treat blisters
  • A triangular bandage sling
  • Hot and cold packs, and blister plasters

Did you know all of these first aid kit names? Have you ever used them in any incident? Do you know how to use each one of them? Become a Sports First Aid Trainer and learn them all.

2. Get Ideas About Typical Injuries In A Sport


As a First Aid Trainer, You should know some of the common types of sports injuries. Because you have to pack your kit box according to the injury possibilities. Some of the typical injuries are-

  • Internal bleeding and External bleeding happens because of a strong thrust with an object
  • Heatstroke happens for many reasons. The most common could be a sudden blog of veins in the heart
  • Muscle pulls happen because of dehydrations and inappropriate landing
  • Joint injuries happen because of sudden thrust or applying excessive for on a joint
  • Breakage of Bones is the most common if a player attacks another player accidentally or purposefully. 
  • Asthma attacks happen if the players are engaged in too much dust 
  • Head injuries happen accidentally
  • A concussion is the postconditions of head injuries 
  • Chest Pains happen for personal causes like unfitness, previous problems 
  • Heart attacks are also personal and happen because of previous illness
  • Choking happens if you eat immediately after running or any cardiac works
  • Bleeding happens when there are any cuts 
  • Achilles cramp occurs if the players step in a wrong footing 
  • Burns are normally caused by sliding in a rough surface 
  • Unconsciousness typically occurs for unfitness 

A Sport First Aid Trainer Guide

There are 3 ways to become a sports first aid trainer. Each one has its own merits. They are- 

  1. A Sports Trainer certification. You can do such a course via online or offline training in a college or university or in an online course. 
  2. You can complete your Bachelor of Medicine, Sports Management or Exercise Science at university. This can lead to a long term education but high salary.
  3. If you want to work with Children, you are going to need a police clearance. This is only for teaching under-18 children. 

So becoming a Sports first aid trainer is not only for UK sports but also the sports played all over the world. There are numerous sports first aid courses online.

Author's Bio: 

I am a part-time blogger and a former sportsman. I aim to spread awareness and safety in sports. Love to dig for information as well.