"Start a huge foolish project, like Noah."

~ Rumi

What do a purple sweatshirt hanging from a tree branch, a loaf of freshly baked bread, a dead car engine on a stormy night, and a magical forest cabin have in common? They're just a few of the inspiring stories I frequently share about the role of synchronicity in our lives, and how learning to recognize it, embrace it, and nurture it can be the key to changing the way we live.

Carl Jung described synchronicity as "meaningful coincidence." One teammate defines it as, "Your file is open and on God's desk." It's about transforming the "efforting" in our lives into ease. Synchronicity happens when we're living in flow rather than in force. And its literal manifestation can be quite humorous. Once, when I was deeply into my own spiritual awakening, I had been imploring the universe, "I want to serve, show me how to serve!" Soon afterward, I received a summons for jury duty.

As we learn how to listen to the "still, small voice" inside us, wondrous events begin to transpire in our lives. One of my best manifestation stories involves finding a secluded mountain cabin to rent when I lived in New Mexico, by following a tapestry of meaningful messages leading me, literally, to the door. The string of synchronicities was so strong that, had I written the story as fiction, I imagine an editor would have rejected it as "too coincidental for readers to believe." But real life is always more amazing — and amusing — than anything we can invent.

I fell in love with my forest hideaway. Then the owner informed me the cabin had no plumbing. What?! I spiraled into fear about how I would manage, and the rental offer was withdrawn. The next day, I visited a nearby community where a group of women live without water or electricity. I felt a surge of faith, released my resistance, and was inspired to re-contact the cabin owner. She was happy to see me, but said her decision was firm. Somehow, I was unperturbed. I said, "I know a place as wonderful as this is waiting for me." The following day she phoned me and announced she'd had a change of heart, and the cabin was mine if I wanted it. My faith-filled surrender brought fulfillment.

In the same way, when my car died on a lonely stretch of highway, I manifested a Good Samaritan at a deserted off-ramp at 8 p.m., during a downpour (this was in the pre-cell phone era!). He drove me five miles to the nearest gas station, and waited with me until a tow truck arrived an hour later. A former housemate of mine, who modeled living in faith, wanted a purple sweatshirt, but had very limited funds. She returned home from work one evening to find a purple sweatshirt — in her size — hanging from the branch of a tree outside our house.

Berny Dohrmann, founder of CEO Space says, "Living a life for increase is a spiritual commitment." Embodying this principle, he has created a global enterprise that helps entrepreneurs, inventors and investors realize their dreams, through cooperation and community-building rather than competition. Of this synergistic effect, Berny asks us, "You may know how to sew, but do you know how to weave?" Manifesting through synchronicity is learning to weave, where everybody wins.

The keys to building manifestation momentum are:

• Showing up and setting your intention
• Surrendering your mind to your heart
• Trusting the process
• Putting attention on intention
• Acting without attachment to outcome
• Recognizing that your good is on its way
Gratitude and giving back.

The principles work every time. Our challenge (certainly it's been mine!) is to continually put them into practice, then witness the wonder that unfolds.

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