How to become a group fitness instructor?

Group fitness instructors conduct exercise classes such as aerobic dance, rock climber and cardio kickboxing. In addition to putting their students in an exercise, the goal of group fitness instructors is to motivate and educate, while helping people achieve their wellness goals. If you are active, you enjoy a great energy environment and you like working with people, then doing a career as a group fitness instructor may be right for you. Education, experience, and certification are essential for a successful start in the business.

Attend many types of group fitness classes. Decide how to form the class you want to teach, then practice the choreography and exercises while increasing your stamina. As a group fitness instructor, you need to maintain a high level of energy throughout the entire class to keep your students motivated.

Learn anatomy and physiology, while you get at least a basic education in health and wellness issues. Depending on the certification company, you may not have to complete prerequisites that have to do with these issues. But your knowledge can help you be a better fitness instructor.

Take a CPR and first aid course. Many group fitness instructor certifications ask that you complete basic safety classes in case a student has an injury or an emergency during class. Complete CPR and first aid training at the community center, community college or wellness facility, or at the local office of the American Heart Association.

Prepare for the certification test. Most certification agencies make the study materials available; Some companies include materials for the cost of the exam, while others charge an additional fee. Get the materials, which often come in the form of books, tutorials, and online documents and videos. Some may offer fun learning tools, such as cards. Study the materials until you master the information.

Take and pass the certification test. The exam will be a written test or a combination of a written and practical exam. The latter means that to be certified, you must demonstrate your ability to conduct a group fitness class.

Obtain an assistant, apprentice or intern position after receiving certification. Contact the gym and fitness facilities in your area and ask about job opportunities with veteran instructors to gain experience in a real group fitness class. You will probably assist the instructors in preparing the study, organizing the team, registering the students and helping the participants with the forms and functions during the class.

Find an opportunity to teach your own class. Once you have gained enough experience as an apprentice or intern, you will probably be ready to teach. Prepare a resume and possibly a video of you teaching a class, then send it to gyms and fitness facilities. Prepare for an audition interview, where you will teach a class or a portion of a class to the gym staff. Offers to be a substitute teacher for teachers on vacation; This can help you gain exposure and be known by students.

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