How to become a good Sharepoint Developer
1. First of all solve the problems easily:
This is the First and foremost. You must be skilled at solving All the problems. Each time you expand SharePoint, you will often end up quitting smoking. Good That it happens with almost all web developers, but More with developers point shared because of Some of the reasons. The reasons are as follows:
There are very few developers point shared and the more Number of problems, there are fewer people doing things Similar The size and scope of the split point are too large And the scope is too large for there to be Unexplored and undocumented territory; Therefore each Now and then you will find new things to Resolve with the share point.Share point happens to exist in a vacuum and there is always Some of the points that are unique to each Organization to deploy any kind of product.
Thus, problems can arise, so that for Resolving each of them, one must have an aptitude for Defeat in a very safe and understandable way.

2. Have easy access to the point environment Sharing:
The environment includes having full control over Operation of the split point. If you have your own Environment, then it would be easy for you to create the Number of possibilities like:
You will be free to make a lot of mistakes. You Learn by doing things over and over and then Learning from these errors, and then drawing lessons, Finally including them. You can roll back and will remain eternally. Security will be yours. Safety is an important aspect Sharing point and here you will have the privilege of creating And manage all accounts, so modify them. By This, one will be able to test the workflow and in case, You can not manipulate the workflow, then it becomes a problem.

3. Real world problems should be Plan:
Solve all the problems of real life on the Point of sharing will help in a broader sense and Would give simpler scenarios, then you will get During the training sessions. One of the best Ways to introduce yourself to the subject. Once you Have done with the resolution of real-life problems, You will be able to solve all the problems of Work related to the sharing point.

4. Know your user interface very well Sharing:
You have to know very well how and where to use Certain elements or components such as ribbon, Of the site, list views, forms, Layout, web parts, ECB and so on. It is necessary to Know where to use these components so that you Are able to lend no share of a unique combination And the aspect of knowing the share point of the system ecological. For example, optimization of OOB components Will simplify development efforts and, ultimately, Will give your user a more consistent experience. Knowing all the above will come only with Practical skills and knowledge.

5. Do things from the point of view point of view Share:
a point of sharing is a good platform and funny. When it comes to theory, one can construct a Number of custom Web parts, controls User, layout, pages to build Your own screen exactly how you Wish. There are also a number of risks as:
In this way, you will build complex solutions Which will lead to bugs, maintenance and More burden on directors. You may miss the full functionality of the sharing.Apart from that, one should also know how to Repel each time the requirements are out of line Or control. At this point, you will have to Opportunities to educate and inform clients about sharing.
6. Get yourself trained by a mentor:
First try and Learn, share a point of your own, even if it is a Difficult task, but this first step would be more useful. You will find a number of blogs, but all Content is not useful, in order to determine what is right And what is wrong, you should consult your mentor or Colleague, or someone with more knowledge than you. So asking for help is not at all bad enough Good for you to walk on the right path.
7. Know what the developer interns share point Are:
Although personality traits are sufficient Essential, but all technical knowledge is Also necessary. You have to know correctly what the Hive and the location system file where the Split point files exist. One can go through the Hive 14 in the split point and treasure the value Information. Apart from this, it is also necessary to By the following:

• Resource files
• XSLT files
• Images
• JavaScript Files
• Web Site Definitions and Templates
• Layout pages
• Characteristics
• Configuration Files
• User Controls
• Resource files
And many more things Getting a good understanding of the point of sharing will Understand how to expand it and in this way, it Will help you give clues to doing the thing of one Way.
8. Have complete information about the.Net:
What That you make or create in the share point will involve A certain amount of .net integration in it. The Knowledge of .net encoding is crucial, but Knowledge of its internal components is also Importance. Deploying an assembly to the point Sharing is an important and very complex process. So he Must master different ways of deploying, modifying, Record and troubleshoot different inputs and also Some debugging techniques.
9. Learn more about the Windows infrastructure:
Although The point of sharing exists on its own but Maintaining the entire window infrastructure and its Several products. Once you have known the point of Sharing, means that you become comfortable with this and These are systems that include the following:
• SQL Server
• Windows Server
Apart from this, one can also have to deal with the Players that include exchange, desktop client, SQLBI. Also, knowledge of the workflow foundation will go into The game at some point or another point in life to come.

10. Do not customize and build solutions:
Most people who claim to be a point developer Shared are not the ones that launch the visual studios. He Is good for you to create great solutions in very little Of time, even without using the visual studio. The Customizations are one of the solutions off and can not Never be repeated unless the job is done again. As There is no code associated with the above efforts, The maintenance of it becomes a difficult matter, and Moreover, when the solution is completely broken, there Has no way of rebuilding it.

11. There are many sources:
There are a number of Sources to learn all about the shared point developer, But instead of sticking to a resource, Try many numbers of them. In the beginning, Start practicing with google skills and also Search for resources that make sense for you.

12. The myths of the share point developer:
The moment when You enter the field, you will realize that There are a number of things that people talk about as Above all is the point of sharing is no more difficult And easier than any other development platform. The second is a share point developer does not have to Engage itself with compiled code programming. The Third myth becomes a share point developer is Not your last resort. There are many others Possibilities too.
The salary of a share point developer varies according to the Post and also according to the organization. Otherwise, the developers Of shared points benefit from the best salary package. The career in this field is flourishing and will give a good Future, so invest and do something creative in This area will undoubtedly be a good choice. Whatever you have to have a creative mind, with the And dedication. So we can move forward with Be a SharePoint developer, in order to create a good Career and future ahead of yourself.
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