Search engine ranking is also known as Search Engine Optimization. To be successful as a professional in web content writing services, you must put into practice some steps that will help you to stay on the first page of any search engine. Let’s discuss a few techniques to help you in the process of becoming the most preferred in Article Writing.
Always provide 100% Original SEO Content
Copying from others is easy. The difficult job is to be original throughout. Your article writing must be 100% original and must be free of duplicity. You can take the help of software available in the market to check for any duplicity. Make this a habit. Also keep updating your articles at regular intervals. In article writing business, originality really matters. Never take the readers for granted. They are a group of clever people who will easily make out whether your article is original or duplicate.
Optimize the Loading Speed
Extensive work must be put into your pages to improve the loading speed of your site. It has to be loaded in seconds. Keep only what is necessary and remove the rest from your page. We all hate waiting too long. So why should we make our readers wait? Always remember, like any other, the first impression is always the last impression even in web content writing services. Seeing your site getting loaded fast will obviously have a positive impact on your readers.
Utilize the Boom in Social Network
Social network has become the most preferred way to market any business – big or small – including web content writing services. You must also make sure you make use of the ever increasing popularity of various social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Wayn and many more. In article writing as well, the scenario remains the same. Upload back links on various pages of these sites. You can also register to these accounts and display your work for others to see. This will give the audience a fair idea of the quality of your work and attract them to visit your site/ blog to know more.
Create a Mobile App
Make a mobile app that links directly to your blog or site. This is because smart phones have become the popular and preferred way to communicate today. People now prefer smart phones to laptops or desktop because they are easy to carry and communication is not limited to e-mail and chats only. Make sure the content in your mobile app must be the same as in your blog/site.
Keywords and their use
The keywords should be chosen on the basis of the content of your blog. In article writing, a keyword can be a single word or even a phrase. Below are a few tips that will help you make your own perfect keyword.
• Write down keywords for low and medium searches. This will help you reduce competition.
• Collect keywords with a high search result. This increases the chances of the article being located.
• Now make keywords joining the above. Such keywords will have higher search results with very low competition.
Involve your readers
Check what the readers want regularly. Try to accommodate their feedback and suggestions by including them in your article. Article writing must always be done keeping in mind the need of the readers.
These are some steps which if followed will help you get ranked high in SEO rankings. Only quality article writing is not enough. You also must know ways to market your work for fame and capital. Best of Luck!

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