How to be sure you are never conned... Because I am limited in how much I can say in one article I am going to stick to the subject of being parted from your money. All women know that they can also be conned out of their time, their love and sex, but that is another story when we have more time.

In other to make sure we have enough money in the pot to pay our bills we have to do two things. One is to watch how much we spend and not waste it whilst the other is to bring it in and make sure it comes in. Most of us have a job or run a business in order to achieve the second. It is with the first that most fail. I know people who tell me they are worried sick about how much money is going out yet never stop to think that this is due to them spending all the time.

Now that we are online a lot of the time some of us shop online we also tend to sort things out online because it is more practical and certainly very often it is quicker. Many women turn to these mystic sites when they have a problem or need a future reading. Here they often get conned. How?
They look for a free reading. They expect it to be great, to be accurate, to be helpful, yet they also want it to be free! If a doctor or a lawyer worked free they would stick two fingers up at him and not listen to a word he says.
But there is this image of the bored housewife being desperate to share her "gift" with others. A bored housewife would not have spent thousands of dollars on setting up a website! Please remember that there is no such thing as a free reading. Most free ones are computer generated and generalised where they say the same thing to everyone. You will never get anyone who has a good reputation and is properly qualified to work for free, they are too busy with clients who pay. It will short and just tell you what you want to hear so that you are lulled into returning for an expensive session next time. Or they will put the fear of God into you by revealing that you have been jinxed and only they can remove this jinx, at a high cost.

A genuine client would not expect a professional to work free and a genuine professional would not charge more than they are worth or need to cover their costs and living expenses. A reading which is not guaranteed to be accurate is worthless anyway as it can get you to make the wrong decisions. One where you can be guaranteed accuracy (experts, professionals and celebrities have all agreed this) at a fair price is at It is better to have one guaranteed accurate and helpful reading now and then.

How to be sure you are never conned.

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