Why am I gaining weight? The main cause of weight gain is the hormonal changes. At that adds and changes taking place in lifestyle, diet, lack of physical activity and stress.

What can I do for my figure? It is important to reduce stress because it can influence your lifestyle, food quality and time to exercise.

Pay special attention to nutrition, both qualitatively and quantitatively. Is recommended to eat more often. Opt for a balanced diet, eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins and avoid processed foods as possible.

Count calories. Know that a woman of 40-50 years needs about 1500-1600 calories per day, if he exercises. A middle-aged man, who also makes exercise needs 1800-2000 calories. Do not forget any exercise program, which also contain exercises with weights for muscle modeling.

Why not relax? Recommended is to eat every three hours, but avoid too late to have lunch in the evening. In case you get hungry at late hours, opt for fatless foods.

It's time to make changes in exercise program. If you execute the same exercises for years, the body can get used to and not have the same effectiveness. It is recommended to train at least five times a week. Cardio exercises should not miss. Weight and exercise are important, which must be performed by two or three times a week.

How to Lose Belly? Accumulated excess fat around the abdomen is associated with age in women, especially after age 40 years. Paying attention to nutrition, reducing stress levels and following an exercise program, can reduce excess fat in this area. But do not expect to regain the flat stomach that you had when you where 20 years old.

What exercises are effective at this age? Cardio. You lose about 400-500 calories a day with cardio. Weight and exercise are important for muscle modeling. Warning! Obesity - the cause of illness in old age

People who are overweight or obese in middle age are more prone to diseases when they reach old age compared to those who retain a normal body weight, is warning us a Finnish specialists.

Recent study included more than 1,000 people show that people who gain weight after age 40 years have an increased risk of illness and even death. These people are more prone to disease even if they didn't had health problems until this age, nor have cases such as cardiovascular disease or diabetes in the family.

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