If you have a pet, especially a dog, in India, you must be treating it like a family member. Although the trend of petting a cat is rare in the country, we are witnessing an increase in the number of cats and other animals as well. Even though you may love your pet more than anything, you need to understand that even the smartest pet, a dog, has a limited understanding of human activities. You may not blink twice before nodding about taking the dog on your road trips, but you must consider the risks it may pose to have a backseat driver in the car.

Car sickness

When humans can feel the car sickness on the mountains, the poor dogs are not to be blamed. Pets often roam around freely at homes because we do not want to cage the poor creature, right? Wrong, while you may be kind enough to never leash or cage your pet, it may become a pain for you when you need to confine them. When a dog has to stay in a car for a long time, it is too much for it to stay confined. Driving on the mountains may make him sick.

The idea to make your pet habitual of staying peacefully inside the car is to take him for short trips to the market. When you have to leave for the road trip, feed him with small meals and let him pee right before entering the car. Moreover, stop the car frequently for bathroom breaks and to have some snacks, just like you would do for humans in the car. Simple, isn’t it?

Negative associations with driving

Have you always driven your dog only to the vet? If yes, then you cannot blame your dog for associating the car drive with negative things only. In addition to driving a dog to the vet, take him in the car to pleasant places like parks, other dog lover’s homes, and playdates. Now when you need to take the dog for a long road trip, you can luxury cars on rent in Delhi for Self Drive and go to the hills.

Carry a leash 

No matter how much you love your dog, you must leash him sometimes so that he stays in control in public places. Moreover, if you lose your dog in your neighborhood, he may return on his own, but not in new cities. While you pull over the car to take a break, he may become too excited, run around places, and never come back! It is better to leash the pet before you exit the car so that you never lose him. The unfortunate fact you must know is that pets are often stolen as well.

Pet restraints

Different kinds of pet restrains are available in the market to prevent a dog from roaming freely in the car. A loose pet in car is a huge red flag that an accident may happen any second. Depending on the size of your dog, you must buy a belt, harness, etc. to keep everyone safe in the car. If the dog is let free in the back cabin, he may suddenly jump forward when you slam the breaks. Avoid that at all costs.

It is not easy to handle a pet, especially on road trips. However, the dog owners do not mind taking the pain when it comes to traveling with their four-legged friend. Be careful with the activities of your dog so that everyone in the car remains safe and you return home happily.

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