After 2020 proving to be a very difficult year for us all, it is now even more important that we protect our mental and physical health. The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has resulted in a lot of difficulty surrounding different parts of our lives. As a result, experts are recommending that we take extra care of ourselves and implement necessary measures to ensure we remain well. This is especially the case when experiencing government-induced lockdowns and restrictions as staying at home can be extremely hard. Despite this, we don’t have to lose interest in doing what we once loved! Keep reading to find out some of the ways you can stay mindful in 2021 and beyond.

Consider online therapy

As a result of the multiple restrictions that have been put in place due to the virus, seeking mental health support in person can be rather challenging. However, this is made easier as there are options to experience online therapy UK. Counselling in itself can be very daunting but reaching out during a pandemic can make it seem even more difficult. However, experts have created mobile applications that can be downloaded at your convenience that offer therapy if and when required. We recommend reaching out for help when you truly need it, especially during tougher times like COVID-19.

Have a bed and morning routine

As we are staying at home more, we recommend that you attempt to develop a strict bedtime and morning routine every day. Even if you’re not staying in, developing a routine is excellent for your mental health. This is because your body knows when to switch both off and on when you settle or try to wake up. You can incorporate different things into your routine such as skincare, exercise, reading and so on. There are many options!

Try yoga

Yogis across the globe fully believe that yoga is a fantastic way to relieve the body of all stress. This is useful for those who find themselves worrying a lot. Embedding yourself in the practice of yoga brings a lovely grounding experience as it helps you settle in your surroundings and circumstances. It also serves as a form of meditation that is highly recommended by many people. Have you tried yoga before? If not, it’s certainly worth a go.


A final way to be more mindful in 2021 is to try journaling. Journaling is much the same as keeping a diary, but it is less personal and more concentrated on everyday tasks. This is a great opportunity for those who struggle with juggling too many things at once. Writing your thoughts and plans down serves as a wonderful way to bring yourself into the present moment and consider how you can tackle them bit by bit. You can also write down your goals and aspirations as things to look forward too and work towards.

How do you stay mindful? Are there any extra techniques you’d suggest?

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