Developing Self Confidence

Self confidence is one quality that all of us would like to have. It is viewed by some people as inborn while others look at it as something that can be developed and nurtured in an individual. Self confidence is the ability to be sure in ourselves in everything that we decide to do, all the judgments we make, our strengths, power, abilities and trust that we are going to be successful in future.

This often depends on our mastery of different activities, tasks and our experiences in different encounters.

Self confidence is closely related to our goals. To be self-confident, we must at least be driven by a certain goal to accomplish.

For instance, we need self confidence in order to perform well at work and win approval from both employers and our colleagues. When we finally win their approval as confident and successful employees, then our goal has been achieved.

Where and when we need to be self confident

We all require being self confident in almost every sphere of life.

Professional life and occupations require that we be self confident in order to experience success in whichever fields of specialization we choose. As teachers, we need confidence to teach in class.

As doctors, lawyers, radio broadcasters, social workers and business persons or whichever field you may name, confidence in our own selves is paramount. Profession and occupation in most cases extends to involve leadership roles. All leaders require confidence in order to disseminate their leadership responsibilities appropriately.

Public relations and public speaking also demand that we should be confident in ourselves. Our daily interaction and socialization with different people require confidence for use to experience success in those interactions and see meaning in what we do with other people. During public speaking, many obstacles may interrupt the meaning of our speeches and the manner in which we speak. Self confident individuals perform excellent as public speakers.

We are all driven into actions by some goal. Whatever the action, confidence is important and if we are confident enough, even what seems impossible can be realized. Remember great people like former President Obama of America, Mother Theresa, Mahatma Gadhi, Martin Luther King and even Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Their success in transforming the world began with a single step of confidence.

We need confidence to overcome life challenges. Every challenge has a solution and no viable solution can be attained without confidence.

These, among other areas demand self confidence. Without being confident, we end up losing a very great percentage of our life. So we must cultivate confidence in ourselves.

How do you become self confident?

Here are some tips that can help us to realize ourselves and work out ways of developing confidence in ourselves.

  • Practice perfection. It is difficult to imagine how we can become perfect. Of course, it is impossible. But if we chase perfection, we are likely to catch up with excellence. Why not do it? And our continuous success and mentality that we are excellent will always give us confident to try out better things.
  • Be positive. The power of positive thinking will help you to view things from a positive point of view. If it is positive, then it is worth having it. You will not regret having done something positively. The first experience will give you power to try it again, this time better than you did. That is confidence.
  • Prepare in advance. It is good to try out testing something to see how it will work. This gives a clear picture of how it will be. We go before people with something that we are sure of. We are already self confident as we do it because it has been tested and proven.
  • Developing self esteem. This is the feeling of self worth. If we feel worth in us, then we are wonderful and able.
  • Daily improvement. Doing something better and new everyday will eventually make us successful. Continuous success manes us confident that we are not the failing type. This will make you confident because you are used to success, not failure.
  • Outward appearance. This is want we let others see in us. It is important because it determines the feedback we receive. Feedback about how people view us is so powerful to transform us drastically.
  • Stress management. If we are able to manage our stress and lead a stress free life, then we shall never be doubted by others. This helps us to appear all right before people and assures us of self confidence.
  • Lastly, being hopeful helps us to gain confidence in ourselves. It means that there is totally nothing that can worry us. We therefore become confident because we are sure of success at the end.

In conclusion, being self confident is one of the most important attributes we desire to have. It is important to identify our strengths and weaknesses in order to see how we can most effectively become self confident for the sake of the rewards associated with self confidence.

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