How To Be Less Shy: How To Remove Shyness And Fear

Overcoming shyness and social phobia is not easy. If you are going to try and lift the shackles it will require some dedication, persistence and thinking. Social anxiety can rear it's ugly head at parties or other social occasions, when meeting new people at work, or sometimes most damagingly at job interviews, where it prevents you expressing your true abilities and perhaps advancing when the less deserving do.

What can you do to stop constant anxiety and fear? Is it possible to stop panic attacks without medication?

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So what are the best methods for overcoming shyness and social phobia? You can try anti-depressants, but will they cure the root problem and what gets you tense in the first place. Alcohol is hardly a solution to the day to day concerns either.

Overcoming shyness and social phobia can be difficult because your mind partly knows it isn't logical to get quite so tense over what should be "trivial" encounters, yet the alarm bells start to ring in the head and the nerves and fear take over. The brain reverts to a primitive "fight or flight" mode at which point reasoning goes out the window.

It all means the best answer lies from a qualified expert who can come up with reasons for your behaviour and devise strategies for overcoming shyness and social phobia. It does require some willingness and persistence to stick with what can sometimes be uncomfortable challenges. One task often recommended is visualisation, where you go through what a successful encounter would be like in your mind, running through how you would hope to react and tackle a specific situation. While this may seem odd it can bring feelings of positivity and also preparation. Feeling you have some weapons in your armoury is just one way to start work on overcoming shyness and social phobia.

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If you are looking for a panic attack remedy, don't worry, you are not alone. In the United States alone, millions of people are diagnosed with anxiety disorders every year. Anxiety and panic disorders affect people from all walks of life. Rich people, poor people, wives and husband are all susceptible to panic disorders. Anxiety disorders have actually been shown to affect more people than depression.

Overcoming panic disorder is not necessarily the most difficult thing in the world. If you are properly diagnosed, and you receive the proper treatment, you can easily remedy panic attacks. You can manage your panic disorder by following these tips:

1) Get a full night's sleep. This panic attack remedy is very easy to do. Just make sure that you get an adequate amount of sleep! Shoot for around eight hours. Sleep helps your body rest and recharge from all of the stress it experienced the day before. If you are constantly missing sleep you are a lot more susceptible to anxiety and panic.

2) Exercise. As I'm sure you know exercise is good for you and your self image. Recent studies have shown that not only will exercise make you more physically healthy and appealing, but it also is an effective treatment for anxiety and panic disorder.

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3) Avoid alcohol and drugs. Although drugs and alcohol may temporarily sooth the anxiety you are feeling, when you sober up it just gets worse. Never should you use alcohol or drugs as a panic attack remedy. You run the risk of becoming addicted... Especially if you are always using substances to dull your anxiety.

4) Talk to your friends and family. Sometimes you just need to let your feelings out to someone. When you talk about your fears and feelings it makes them a lot easier to confront. If you have the support of your family, it makes your battle with panic disorder a lot easier. People with strong support systems are a lot less likely to develop panic disorder.

5) Train your body to relax. The most effective panic attack remedy may see like the most obvious. You simply learn what triggers your panic attacks... then you slowly try to desensitize yourself to these triggers.

Once you confront your panic attacks head on, you will learn that a lot of the reason you were having them in the first place stemmed from your initial reaction to anxiety. So... You have to train yourself to properly deal with feelings of anxiety.

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The best way to prevent a panic attack is to invite another one to happen. Sounds counter intuitive doesn't it? But it's true. If you really think about it for a moment, you're not so much afraid of the symptoms of a panic attack, what you are really scared of is having the attack.

By now you know that the symptoms of the attack, the shortness of breath, racing heart and tense muscles, won't do you any physical harm. What you fear is having an attack in public or around friends or family. What you're afraid of is the embarrassment. What you fear is other people thinking you are crazy.

This fear of having an attack has changed the way you live hasn't it. You try to avoid people and places that you think might trigger another one. It really has changed the quality of your life and you want to find a sure fire way to prevent another panic attack so your life doesn't get any worse than it is.

Unfortunately, most people try to prevent panic attacks by running away from them. They run from situations they think will cause them. Over time they find there are fewer and fewer "safe" places to run to. In extreme cases the only safe place is their home. This is called agoraphobia and it is quite serious.

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The way to prevent a panic attack is to run to it not away from it. If you accept it for what it is, an event that will do you no physical harm and that will last less than 15 minutes, and let it wash over you, its effectiveness will diminish.

Think of it as your first ride on a roller coaster. The first time is full of apprehension because you've never experienced it before. By the tenth ride it has become ho hum and you are looking for a bigger more exciting ride. The same holds true of panic attacks.

If you knew you could handle the symptoms, if it became a ho hum interruption in your life, you would not fear having another. In fact if you challenge that attack to occur and go to an "unsafe" place, odds are the attack won't come. The best way to prevent a panic attack is to simply challenge it. Knowing why you have a anxiety attack is half the battle. Once you know why, then you will be able to stop it.

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In scientific terms, panic attack symptoms are simply anxiety. Having been a person that used to struggle with panic attacks regularly I know the dread that accompanies one of these bouts.

Everyone said that I was simply a little too anxious... But no one knew what I had to go through on a daily basis. The emotions I felt were very real... and they were hard to deal with. There were times when the feelings were so strong, I wasn't even sure that I was having anxiety attacks... I thought I was sick.

So, what are some tell tale panic attack symptoms?

The biggest panic attack symptom there is, is the fear of having another attack. If you are always scared of being dizzy or having your chest tighten up, then more than likely you are suffering from an anxious disorder. If you find yourself consciously avoiding specific situations or places because deep down inside you know you are going to exhibit the symptoms, then you are suffering from panic attacks.

Another common symptom is tingling and numbness throughout your body. These symptoms are often thought to be heart problems when in fact they are anxiety (make sure to check with your doctor if you experience this, it's a lot better to be safe then sorry!)

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The tingling is caused by your body's natural fight or flight instinct. Your body is programmed to move blood away from the skin and extremities during a physical attack. It also draws more blood to areas such as your thighs and biceps to prepare the muscles to work. Your body does this instinctively and it has no way of knowing that the fear you are experiencing is not an actual physical threat.

A very common and scary panic attack symptom is the feeling of not being able to breathe. This causes most people to lose it, and it causes them to fall deeper into a panic attack.

When you breathe too fast your body's carbon dioxide and oxygen levels get all out of whack. When you breathe too much and too fast you can experience breathlessness, or you can start to hyperventilate... This used to happen to me a lot and I would think I was choking... It felt like I was being smothered by a pillow.

If you are experiencing these symptoms then you are probably experiencing panic attacks. They can be scary when they happen, but once you learn how to treat them like I did, they start to not even bother you.

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