How To Be Less Introverted: How To Overcome Timidity

Learning to be less self conscious is not easy. While logic is telling you that not everyone can possibly be starting at you or focusing on you at a party, social event, or even at work, the mind thumps away the message they are making it difficult to act in a natural, confident manner.

This has now been classified by psychologists as part of social anxiety syndrome. It's something that is remarkably prevalent, in fact social anxiety or social phobia is regarded as one of the top three psychological problems in the world. So if you are keen to be less self conscious it may be some comfort that you are far from alone.

What can you do to stop constant anxiety and fear? Is it possible to stop panic attacks without medication?

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There are plenty of methods suggested if you are looking to be less self conscious. They can range from the useless suggestion that you "pull yourself together" - not really helpful, to prescribed drugs, or to alcohol. None of these though, will really do any more than deal with some of the symptoms. To be less self conscious, it really requires an attack at the root causes of the problem.

At worst, it's a vicious circle. of fear, followed by a negative assessment of a social situation, where you feel your somehow acted badly, or felt nervous, which leads to a desire to avoid more social contact. And so things go on.

Psychologists have found the most effective way to deal with social anxiety is to try behavioural therapy, to train the brain to behave and react differently. It's not the easiest road to go down, but it is the most effective if you want to be less self conscious.

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One of the main reasons why people are having anxiety attack is being overworked. A person who is overworked is normally stressed due to lack of sleep, lack of rest and lack of exercise. In some cases they may also lack good eating habit.

People caught in this kind of situation must realize that they are actually not in a normal condition. From then on they must start helping themselves regain their old healthy selves. After all, they have a lot of choices to successfully heal their anxiety problem.

We are aware that some of these people resort to taking heavy medications and paying visit to expensive therapists. But why waste funds on these two ineffective things when you have something simpler and way more effective solution to the problem? Yes, you heard it right, medications and therapists are ineffective and Natural therapies are more effective than them.

Aside from being less harmful to your health and less expensive, you are assured of a total healing when you choose natural therapy. What makes natural therapy more effective? Take these steps and see their benefits for your body.

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A good diet for example is a great help for it gives you balance. Choose to eliminate hazardous substances like alcohol and caffeine from your lifestyle. Instead take more protein and alkaline minerals by eating protein enriched food and fruits and vegetables. You will eventually feel the exceptional effect of this step to your body. They simply help restore your nerves as nervous system is the real cause of the problem.

Exercise is also needed in the whole process of treating anxiety attack. It is not just to keep yourself fit and sexy. But most importantly, it cleanses your body from any toxins, making you feel refreshed and healthier.

Progressive relaxations on the other hand help in the process of rebuilding neurotransmitters the fastest way.

While sleep serves as the vital component for it is when your nerves can have ample time to rebuild. So, it is just right to have a quality sleep. That can only be achieved if you will have a regular sleeping pattern and a comfortable bedroom.

I would definitely recommend these natural therapies to all anxiety attack sufferers out there. As these things are the simplest yet the most effective treatment you will ever have against anxiety.

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Nausea, sweating, vomiting and dizziness are some of the symptoms that go along with anxiety attack. However, this is not the main cause of the problem. The root lies in the nervous system that is not functioning well because it needs major restoration. As we have named the real cause of the problem we shall start using appropriate plan in solving it.

We have at least four considerably fast and powerful treatments that fight against anxiety. Feel free to read them and start doing all of these treatments before everything gets worst.

1. Diet

We must always remind ourselves that the food we eat affects our body. Thus, we should take extra care in choosing the food that we are normally eating. Learn to take less junk food and eat more healthy food. Drink as much water as you can, too. Plenty of fruits and vegetables are also advisable. This way your body will be properly nourished and your nerves and brain will also be restored.

2. Exercise

Do it more often and you will soon reap the benefits of taking this thing more seriously. You will not just be physically fit; you will also achieve a well-balanced nervous system. By simply doing regular work out you have removed anxiety out of your system in the form of sweat. Isn't that amazing?

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3. Sleep

A quality sleep is very important for us. It is just right to plan for a regular sleeping pattern then follow it oftentimes. In addition, modify your bedroom into something that will help you get a continuous and comfortable sleep. The secret towards getting rid of anxiety greatly depends on taking enough quality rest. Our only great way of getting enough rest is through sleep.

4. Relaxation

Spend some quality relaxation for yourself. Go for a yoga, meditation, deep breathing or sauna session. You may take it as an occasional activity for yourself. This move will simply help you restore your malfunctioning nervous system. This is actually an occasional activity but once you try it will show a huge amount of positive effect to your body.

Keep all of these facts and tips and follow them. I'm certain that in just few days after you have started this treatment your problem will be solved. You might even be surprised at how powerful these simple things are.

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Panic attack has ruined thousands of lives and continues to claim more every year. It is not fatal in itself, but the consequences of each attack may cost a life if not handled properly. Some people are afraid to even come out to the public with the thought of embarrassment due to their uncontrollable reactions during attacks. But for those who wish to have their normal life back, a remedy is the answer in the form of medications. However, such medications may have side effects like on neurological aspect.

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To prevent such thing, many people with panic disorders opt for natural ways as remedies. Although these may not be as effective as the prescription drugs, they will certainly appease you. Cold compress can help your blood slow down and calm you in the process. Paper bag is probably the most famous remedy but it is under extreme scrutiny by medical practitioners. The fear is that suffocation may take place since you are just inhaling carbon dioxide that you just took out. By breathing in and out of the paper bag, it is said that the lungs and muscle relaxes as well. Some psychologists claim that the relaxing effect comes not from breathing in the paper bag but from the rhythmic method it is done. The same benefit can be achieved accordingly by rhythmic breathing without a paper bag.

Orange peel and aroma oils also claim soothing effects to help panic attack stabilize. However, these claims are not scientifically proven to really help with the problem. Ways on how to overcome panic attacks without medication may not be effective, depending on the level of attack you have. It is always safer to consult a doctor first as there are cases where medication is the only possible solution left.

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