Are you a kind person? Do you know how to be kind to others? Do people usually tell you that you are kind? What is kindness?

Kindness is when you do something positive to someone else or to yourself. Kindness is an act of goodwill that can help and makes a positive difference in someone’s life like my friend Alex did with gathering many acts of kindness from many different bloggers into one e-book “A manfiesto for making kindness a dailly habit” that is available for download.

Jennifer makes sure that she smiles at everyone every day. When I asked her why she smiles at everyone including strangers, she said that smiling is contagious. She goes on to mention that being kind to others and smiling gets to people’s hearts easily and it can change someone’s day for the best.

As I mentioned in my article “smile 400 times a day” that smiling has powerful effects on yourself and on others and it really can improve the mood of others. Isn’t that a powerful act of kindness?

Act of kindness
One of the best acts of kindness you can do to others is praying for them. I personally pray for someone daily. I make sure that I take 5 minutes from my day to perform this act of kindness. This is one of the most powerful acts of kindness you will ever do.

Imagine if each one of us spends as little as 5 minutes every day to pray for someone. What would the world be? As you know praying for others is a powerful act that can make a positive difference in someone’s life as research shows that scientific praying can do miracles in people’s lives.

Random acts of kindness
To learn how to be kind to others, follow the random acts of kindness below:

1. Buy a gift and give it to someone for no reason

2. Write a poem and send it to someone

3. Encourage someone

4. If you are an employee, give a compliment or say something nice to your manager about your colleague

5. Feed someone who is in need

6. Explain to someone about the power of the subconscious mind

7. Help your community

8. Pay for someone’s bill

9. When someone honks at you while driving, look at the individual and wave hi

10. Smile

11. Take your neighbor’s children along with your children to the park to have fun

12. Call a friend and offer your help

13. Make lunch and invite your neighbor

14. Pray to others

15. Write a testimonial on someone’s products like Bryan and JK did on my e-book “How to overcome worry?”

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Dia Thabet

Have you ever wondered why some people are happy and have peace of mind while others keep worrying? Why do some people’s life filled with worry while others filled with happiness and peace of mind? My e-book How to overcome worry answers those questions and teaches you the scientific ways to control and overcome worry and have peace of mind