How To Be Irresistible To Your Ex: How To Make Your Ex Want You Back So Bad

It has happened to all of us at one point or another. That breakup that you did not want to happen does happen. Sometimes, you just let it go and go on with your life, but other times, you feel compelled to try to attract your ex back to you and give the relationship another try. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, you just have to know the right ways that will be effective in order to help you attract your ex back. Avoid all the complicated game playing, because in the end, game playing does not attract your ex back. If anything, it will push them away. Another thing to avoid when trying to attract your ex back is begging, pleading, seeming desperate and being too pushy. These types of methods will only cause your ex feel as if they are being suffocated. The best way to attract your ex back to you is right under your nose. Attract your ex back into your life is by simply being yourself. Remember back to when the two of you first met, why did he fall for you in the first place? What was it about you that your ex admired the most? When you think of these things, make a list on a piece of paper and write them all down that way you will not lose track of the most effective way to attract your ex back, which is a way that is neither too pushy or too subtle.

For instance, if your ex loved your hair when it was fixed a certain way, wear your hair that way more often. If your ex thought you looked gorgeous in a certain color, try to incorporate that color into your wardrobe more. If there were personality traits about you that your ex really valued, such as a sense of humor or how caring you were, be sure to display that personality trait as much as possible.

When you use this method when trying to attract your ex back, it will remind them of when you two were together. It seems to trigger memories of when the two of you were together, and will remind your ex of the happier times you two shared together. In most cases, it works as if it reminds your ex why they fell in love with you and what they liked about you in the first place. This is important when you are trying to attract your ex back because it reminds your ex why they were attracted to you in and sends those feelings rushing back to them. This works because some people just need a simple reminder of how great someone is.

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Losing the love of your life can be a very painful thing. You cry all the time, you can't eat, and you can barely sleep. All you can seem to do is think about them. You've said to yourself over and over again that there has to be some way to win that back. It seems that no matter what you do, you just can't figure out a way to make them return. If you truly are sincere about winning your love back here are few tips that will be able to help you out.

Separation may be good

This may sound out of the question to you since you are already missing them like crazy. But a little time apart may be all the other person needs to realize just how much you mean to them. So just be patient. They may come running back.

Get up and get out

Spend some time out with your friends and family. You can't just stay indoors throwing yourself a daily pity party. Plus, spending time out you just might run into your sweetheart. When they get a chance to see you so happy, they may say they miss you and take you back.

Come up with a good plan

Create a well thought out plan first before you try to win back their heart. The last thing you will want to do is make a fatal mistake that can ruin your chances of ever getting them back.

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Just a phone call away

Try calling them. You may be a little afraid at first, but once you push all those jitters out, you will be able to speak to them and see where the two of you stand. After chatting for a while you may be able to pick up where you left off.


Discuss with them the love you once shared. Sometimes just simply reflecting on the good times can force to people back together.


Sometimes a simple, "I'm Sorry" is all it takes to straighten things out. Make sure that when you do ask for forgiveness that it is heartfelt and sincere.

Let love find you

In some cases you may not have to do anything at all. If the love that the two of you shared is real, they may just coming looking for you. If, and when they do, let them know how much you missed them and that you are glad that they want to give it another chance.

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It's hard to believe that two things on such similar locations on the spectrum would have such adverse effects. For instance, we easily know what to say that will guarantee our ex doesn't come back like "Have you gained weight?" but why is it so hard to find the words to actually get them back?

Step 1: My Bad: If they are your ex in this place, you probably did something to screw it up. The first thing you can say to get your ex back is that you're sorry. It might not have even been your fault for the breakup but taking responsibility is a nice gesture.

Step 2: You Were Right: These are the actual 3 words that make every relationship last and not the traditional 'I love you.' If you'll do anything to get your ex back, feed their ego by saying they were wiser in their assessment that "I'm sorry, it's the perfect time to switch from being a gold dealer to a real estate agent."

Step 3: I'm Doing Alright Imagine if you kicked your drummer out of your Hall & Oates cover band. You'd expect him to be distraught and performing unimaginable acts with his drumsticks down at the train station but you'd be devastated if he joined the real Hall & Oates. Likewise, let your ex know you're doing alright.

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Step 4: How's Work?: You could probably care less how things are going down at the sewing factory but that lack of interest is probably what led to you guys breaking up in the first place. Show that you care by inquiring how things are going in their life.

Step 5: I Better Get Going: You always quest to leave them wanting a little more and it looks like you're in control if you're the first to break off the conversation. Talk cool, calm, and confident then say, "It was nice seeing you but I better get trekking on down the trail."

Step 6: I Miss You Saying "I should get going" is part of the charade we've all played when going through the awkward stages right after a split. Sometimes, the better person is the one who says, "I'll be honest, I miss you like crazy. You're like the Hall to my Oates" and you soon find out the feeling was mutual the whole time.

Step 7: We'll See: You don't have to get back together with your ex on that first night. It's best if you both agree to take things slow and work back to the point where you're listening to cheesy music from the 80's by splitting one pair of headphones.

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You've no doubt read all about how you're supposed to leave your ex alone for a few days or weeks. You've read about how you're supposed to get out and socialize with your friends to "take your mind off of things." You even read one article that suggested you go and get your teeth whitened. It seems everywhere you turn is advice on how to attract your ex back.

What about if all of that was just a load of nonsense? What if you just went over to your ex's place right now and everything just worked out? What if "giving her some time" was a terrible mistake and she moved on? What if you got so drunk when you were out with friends that he saw you kissing some random guy in the corner?

Here's the thing. It isn't nonsense. There's a reason so many articles suggest these things to attract your ex back. It's because they've been proven to work. As hard as it may seem to leave her alone and to go out on the town with your friends, it's solid advice - and who couldn't benefit from a little teeth whitening?

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