Everyone wants to live a happy life but sadly most people never manage to achieve that important goal. Some people claim that happiness can be found through meditation while others claim that happens can be reached through certain religious practices.
Some people claim that money can bring happiness while others say that love can bring happiness.
So what is the right path a person should take to find happiness?
Here are five steps that will help you live a happy life:
1) We are different: All of the previous claims are true. People are different and because of that what makes one of them happy wont necessary make another one happy. The first step to finding happiness in life to understand what can bring you happiness. Put in mind that it might be something unique that has nothing to do with what people told you about happiness before.
2) Fight for what you believe in: Once you know what can really make you happy fight for it with all the power you have. Many people don’t live happy lives just because they don’t want to do effort and fight for the things that they believe in. some schools claim that happiness is a state that you can trigger at anytime without doing any effort and that’s why people who follow this school usually never consider fighting for what they want an option.
3) Know what you don’t like: Some people hate stress yet every morning they go to the same stressful job. Some people hate the way others take advantage of them yet they never attempt to become assertive and stop them. The third step to finding happiness is to avoid what you hate whenever possible. Of course sometimes you might need to do something that you don’t like for some time until you reach the thing that you like.
4) Don’t escape: Many people are unhappy not because they don’t know what can make them happy but because they decided to escape instead of taking actions. Some people escape by procrastination, others escape by sleeping all day while a third group escapes to drugs. If you want to live a happy life then you must be brave enough to fight instead of escaping.
5) Be patient: happiness can’t be found overnight nor you can change everything that you dislike about your life in few days. In order to be happy you need to be patient and to think using a long term mentality. Once you start pursuing your goals everyday you will become a bit happier until one day you will experience true happiness

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