There is no gainsaying the fact that bad eyesight is the most serious ailment that any living being on earth will ever like to suffer because of it’s awesome and untold implication on the rest of one’s entire physical being no matter how important how one’s stature in the society may be. In any part of the world, much reverence is accorded to the eye since is regarded as the king of the body without which one is considered to be as good as dead.

Imagine you are in a luminous environment where all shades of light are a common occurrence and all of sudden there is a temporary power cut that results in total black as it often happens in Nigeria, the attendant situation is better seen than imagine because all activities will be in a stand still and a comparison of such a situation with that of someone who is totally blind or has an impaired eyesight is really out of place and that is the reason why a proper care of the eyesight must be taken at all cost.

It is common to see these days that bad eyesight is not only an ailment of the elderly that is people are that are above the age of 40 years upwards but nowadays children of less than ten years in some places are always seen putting on their eye glasses whereas if proper care had been taken initially by their parents, such a vision impairment would not have occurred at all in the first place. This is because the problem, whichever way one looks at it, does not start one day but an accumulation of gradual infections from birth as it is the case with some unfortunate ones.

There are some unfortunate cases too where wearing eye glasses has become the second nature of some people and removing it from their face even just for a split second normally renders them immobile since the situation is so bad that they can hardly see the palm of their hands or even see the color of the cloth worn a very close person to them no matter the brightness of the day.

It is quite hard for some people to believe that the older we get in our journey on this side of the great terrestrial divide the more also our various parts of the body age along in the process also with time so the eyesight is not an exception no matter how hard we may try and that is the reason why the population of eye glass wearers is normally in the larger proportion with the elderly ones more than the teenagers.

Bad eyesight, no doubt, can be the outcome of various ailments ranging from less serious astigmatism to the more critical glaucoma and that is the reason why one should endeavor to avoid their causes including reading from poor light and straining of the eyes where the vision is very poor.

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