If I say Linkedin is the most important platform to get on when you’re searching or thinking about a new job it won’t be wrong. Not only you can make yourself searchable on Linkedin, but also you can get yourself connected with influencers in your industry and search for related jobs postings. When you become searchable on this social platform, the recruiters can find you and contact you in their recruitment “Rekruttering” process even if you haven’t applied for a job for them.

Being searchable keeps you ahead of the crowd all the time in the eyes of head hunters and you can get a job that you haven’t ever dreamt of. One thing you need to do is to get the process right for all this, so the question is, how do you get yourself searchable on Linkedin?

Below I am sharing the top 5 tips that will lead you in front of recruiters.

An Overview ToLinkedin Platform First

Well, its too easy to get lazy on this professional platform by throwing the CV on your profile and leave it, if you are the one doing this you’re missing a great trick to be searchable. Do you know? Over 87% of the recruiters use the Linkedin at first place to identify the right candidates. Linked in is a community of over 450 million users globally therefore you must put an effort so you can get noticed.

Being that in mind, I am sharing a few tips to make your profile visible, before that, keep in mind that Linkedin is not specifically a job board, it’s a social platform. Your public profile doesn’t need to look like a resume, because the profile is the first thing a person sees so it should be engaging enough for the reader to know more about you.

How To Get Yourself Visible On Linkedin

Up to date your profile

Usually, those members who keep their public up to date with their new jobs and skills are highly more likely to be searched in Linkedin job searching, so it’s the 1st thing you must do on your profile.

Keep the contact settings open

You must open the contact settings so the recruiters can contact you if they are interested in you. For doing that, go into “communications”, there you’ll see an option of receiving InMails from Linkedin users (recruiters), it should be set as “yes”. Moreover, make sure that “messages from members” option also involves the Inmails along with the introductions.

Express You’re “open to opportunities”

This is one of the best tips to be searchable on Linkedin, by utilizing this feature you express yourself as looking for a new job, this places a flag on your profile for identification. Its also used as a filter by recruiters who meet their job criteria.

Using Professional Photo

According to Linkedin itself, a professional photo leads you having 21 more profile views and 36 percent more messages than ordinary people. Try putting your face, keep in mind its Linkedin, not facebook where you can put your photos with pets.

Attractive header text

That line you see under your name on Linkedin, it doesn’t have to be you current job label, put a creative text about yourself there so it could grab the recruiters’ attention.

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