Most people’s disposition and expressions are determined by the circumstances of life, thereby dictating their responses in this life. But you are not ordinary, circumstances and people do not determine who you are.

You’re a master in life. You’re born to reign! You are a king over the circumstances of life.

You’re unique. You’re different. You’re peculiar. You are ordained in such a way that nothing has been trained well enough to stop you. It’s impossible for you to fail. You do not need to keep yourself at the same level for a long time. You must make up your mind to stand up and be outstanding.

You were created for success and the good life. You were made for God’s glory and perfected for the good life. You are first-class of all God’s creation, called to display His virtues and perfections.You manifest the change God has wrought in you and through you. You are the catalyst for a change in your sphere of contact.

You are relevant and indispensable to this generation; you are that solution the world is looking for. You can make a difference and be a success for life. You can become a source of help to several others and dominate the large place you have been brought into.

You are endowed with everything you require for the beautiful life. Let nothing but the best label stick on you no matter the cost. You have been called to ride on the high places of the earth. You must be willing to blaze the trail for new frontiers. You can be stronger than ever and bolder than a lion to brave the odds and initiate new imprints.
You do not allow the circumstances of life make you condescend to the level of trying to encounter risks! Chart your course for victory and success in this life. Take a stand for what is right and be a success. No matter the intensity of circumstances and tenacity of oppositions, you can become the best of you.

You do not give up on yourself! I have written this timely and prophetic book to show you how to be uniquely different even if it means taking a risk. Remember that nothing is impossible for you if you only believe. The truth in this masterpiece is all you need to believe in yourself and be full of dynamic ability to cause changes. Make yourself a master of the truth in this work of genius and reign in this life as the King you have been called to be.

Copyright, Agu Jaachynma

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A Graduate of Languages and Linguistics Department of the University of Jos, an Administrative Officer with the Federal Government Establishment, a loving wife, caring mother, a teacher and a mentor. She is also the author of the highly placed and best-selling knowledge book: The Prince and the Pauper by Enaz Publications, New York.The Prince and the pauper is available at global leading book Outlets including -

She is the Executive Director of the KingsTreasureHouse Concept; a highly respected role model and an inspiration to many. She shares motivational insight with folks in her generation and those yet to be born via her write-ups, books etc. She lives in Nigeria with her beloved family comprising of her heartthrob: Dr. Aham and their two Gorgeous Heritages from the Lord: KING and EDWALD.