By being creative online, you accomplish many things:

You cheer people up with your creativity.
You boost your self-esteem by witnessing your own creativity.
You engage social media users and your website visitors.

Let's get started learning how to boost creativity online:

Tip 1: Make an Instagram meme page.
Instagram memes have a search of over 9 million. What better way to bring a smile to people's faces than with the humor memes bring?

You can have memes about anything. For instance, you can put pictures of cute animals in your memes.

Here are instructions on how to make a meme page.

However, you don't have to just post memes on Instagram. In fact, when I wrote an article explaining out of Facebook Jail, I cheered people up about being in Facebook Jail by posting Facebook Jail memes.

Tip 2: Use a crazy text generator.
There are many ways to generate creative fonts using a crazy text generator.
In fact, Cool Symbol has a free keyboard you can install right into your phone that will generate unusual fonts. LingoJam is also a popular, free website to help you generate timely and unusual fonts. For instance, at Halloween, you can generate scary fonts.

Tip 3: Make Instagram Stories
There are many pros and cons of Instagram . One of the benefits of Instagram is your ability to make creative Instagram stories. Making Instagram stories is a free function of Instagram which is popular and copied by other sites.

However, Instagram has the most creative fonts and stickers to use in your stories. Instagram even lets you include music, custom colors, and animated fonts.

Tip 4: Use inspirational quotes
There are so many creative good vibe quotes you can put on social media or your website. Where to find the good vibes quotes? Anywhere. Instagram, Pinterest, Goodreads, and Brainy Quotes are all great sources. Just make sure you give source credit in order to avoid incremental plagiarism.

Wrapping Up:
As you can see, there are many ways to be creative both on your website and on social media sites such as Instagram. This guide went over 4 ways: Make a meme page, make Instagram stories, use crazy text, and use inspirational quotes.

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