Your dating success and learning how to be confident with girls are interrelated. Confidence means you have an undying belief and trust in yourself or your abilities. If you don’t trust and believe in yourself, how do you expect her to believe and trust in you? Follow these guidelines about what you should and should not do to be confident with girls:

What You Should Do


If you want to learn how to be confident with girls, mimic someone else who is already confident with girls. Pick a mentor. Spend some time learn from anybody you know that is naturally good at getting girls. Mirror what he does. Take note of what you think will and will not work.


Learn mixed martial arts or work out at the gym. Working out at the gym not only keeps you healthy, it will also help with your physical fitness, both of which can increase your confidence. When you learn mixed martial arts, you instantly get the right to tell people that you're a fighter. And ever since the beginning of time, fighting has made guys more confident.


Dancing and confidence build off each other. Dancing promotes self expression. If you know you can dance, you already have the edge over 90% of guys. If you're not good at dancing, learn how to and watch your confidence skyrocket.


Getting good at music can also increase your confidence and have girls flock to you. Look at rap stars, rock stars and Justin Bieber. Enough said.


Practice is the most important part of learning how to be confident with girls. Becoming confident with girls will not occur right away but it will steadily develop if you practice at it every night. And remember, confidence creates confidence. The more confidence you have in one aspect of your life, the more it will spread to other areas of your life. Practice confidence everywhere.

What You Should Not Do


Who wants to listen to a guy complain and whine all the time? Not her. She has her own problems to deal with. Whining and complaining shows her that you're definitely an unconfident amateur. Whenever you come across a problem, be the man, take charge and rather than wasting time complaining, find a practical solution to make things better.

Calling Too Much

Calling her too much suggests that you have nothing going on in your life. You shouldn't suffocate her. Think about it this way: If someone called you all the time (besides your mom), would you consider the caller is confident or annoying? Instead of chasing her, let her chase you.

Crying Out For Attention

People that demand attention are best described in one word: insecure. People that are confident do not need to brag, boast, show off or be all loud and obnoxious about it. Confidence can be noticed from a mile away even without you having to draw attention to it.


Quitting and not being persistent enough with girls is characterized by stopping at the first sign of trouble. However, learning how to be confident with girls is characterized by trying and trying again until you make the improbable a reality. What really matters is your long term success...the bigger picture. A rejection is not the end of the world. Collect yourself and go for it again another time.

Making a Big Deal out of Small Things

Whenever you blow things way out of proportion or make a big deal out of small things, it shows that you lack confidence because if you can’t deal with the small things, you surely can’t handle the big things. Girls like guys who can deal with the big things.

Learning how to be confident with girls is not difficult, but it does take time. Fortunately, now that you know why and how to start building confidence, you can get started now! And remember, practice, practice, practice!

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