Today’s topic is about how to be authentically successful in your business. Let’s face it: being an enlightened entrepreneur as a coach, an author, a speaker, a trainer, a leader and an expert, what I love to call Enlightened C.A.S.T.L.E., our authentic business success requires us to look within because it is fundamentally a reflection of every part of us. It’s not like working in a 9-to-5 job for another company where you don’t really control the outcome of the business unless you’re at the top. Who we (you and I) “are” as passionate professionals literally affects our authentic business success, every day, every moment, every minute, every second, with every breath.

Being consciously aware that the “inner” (internal world) is directly reflected in the “outer” (external world), and it’s especially so for all of us, Enlightened C.A.S.T.L.E., is a blessing. On the one hand, if there’s chaos, confusion or disconnection within you as a human being (not human doing), it will be reflected in your authentic business success. On the other hand, if there’s clarity, congruency, alignment, acceptance, passion and purpose, things come to you without struggle. It’s like the Universe conspires in your favor because you are in the “flow” of nature.

For me personally, this past year has been a year of reflection, rebuilding and getting ready for the next level of my own authentic business success, almost an incubation phase. I’ve come to the realization that I needed to stop listening to so many OTHER people’s opinions of the next journey for my business and needed to look inside. And that included seeing what’s authentic and aligned with my passion and purpose, and what I’m here to do, be and have for myself, my family and friends, as well as with my clients, students and partners. It’s been about healing the past CONFUSION that’s often stopped me and about strengthening WHO I truly am as a person, to then best fulfill what I was born to fulfill and best work with the people I’m here to serve, support and help, what I love to call, my authentic audience, (and of course, create an even more rewarding authentic business success doing it).

Years ago, I thought that building a business and attracting clients was 100% about cutting-edge systems, structures and strategies. I was wrong. The longer I am in my own authentic business success as an enlightened entrepreneur journey and the longer I work on my own spiritual and personal growth, the more I’ve gotten clear that attracting ideal clients (your authentic audience) and having a successful authentic business (your dream business) is actually more a 3-slice pie. Sure, the right business model with proven systems, structures and strategies (one that works for you) is one of those slices, and a very important, if not crucial one (hey, you’ve got to know the “how” to succeed in sharing your passion and purpose) to consistently attract your ideal clients and grow your authentic business success. (No excuses).

But, the other two slices of the pie are not always mentioned or talked about openly. Honestly, I haven’t always talked about them in public either, for fear of sounding a little too “enlightened” or as they say it, too “Woo Woo,” if you know what I mean. Most times I would just hint at them, hoping others would read between the lines and get the point icon smile How to Be Authentically Successful in Your Business . However, I’d be letting you down if I didn’t tell you more about those two other slices to Authentic Business Success, because they’re so crucial.

If the right business model is one slice of the pie, MANIFESTING is another. And by manifesting, I mean the Law of Attraction, what you focus on with great feeling (passion) and a Higher Power (purpose), you attract into your existence, as many say it, “what you focus on, expands” or “attention, intention, no tension.” At its most basic, here’s how it can be described: If you’re continually focusing on building a business full of ideal, high-paying clients whose lives are transformed from working with you, who love you and pay you what you’re worth, then you will start to attract that. If you’re focusing rather on the LACK of clients, the wrong business model and you’re frustrated that people aren’t paying you what you’re worth, then you will attract that also (meaning, not having those clients, not having the right business model or not making enough). Simple as it is, yet very powerful and profound.

Now, the other slice of the pie that rarely gets airtime is the Personal (yet spiritual and emotional) Growth slice: Clearing out the clutter. I’m talking about not worrying what people think as much and being willing to look within to either heal or transform your life once and for all so that you can finally change the “inauthentic” things (= attitudes, habits, behaviors and actions) about you that stop you from being the best version of your true self and becoming who you dream of being (the most successful and fulfilled person you were meant to be). It’s about being AUTHENTIC and start looking inside you and taking a really deep look at all the “mess,” “baggage” and the untrue F.E.A.R. (false evidence appearing real) you’ve carried around for so many years, perhaps since childhood (trust me, I have them too) and doing something about it. So, what are we searching for when we go within?

We begin within noticing fears, disempowering beliefs, negative emotions, scarcity mentality and other unresolved stuff like worthiness and deservability. The reason it’s so important to start from within is that if that “clutter” is still there messing around in your system, you have a more difficult time “manifesting” what you say you most want and deeply desire. The fears and other limiting thoughts get in the way of you attracting what you wish for and essentially negate and cancel your wishes. OUCH.

Now, I am not saying you have to run out and see a psychotherapist. That hasn’t been the fastest path to growth for me personally. Rather, it’s about TRUSTING your intuition, your deepest desires and authentic aspirations by being totally honest with yourself, really honest, about who you TRULY are, as well as getting to KNOW who you are – at a core (spiritual and emotional) level.

Your Authentic Business Success In Action:

Now, take a special notebook and pen, call out your fears, put them down on paper. It’s about writing down all the things you say to yourself that stop you from creating the business and life you’ve always dreamed, desired and deserved on your own way. The more you get clear on what holds you back, the more direct your impact on attracting your ideal clients and having the authentic business success you really want and deep desire.

It’s about being authentic with yourself, in life, in business, and with your clients. The more authentic you are with yourself and your clients, the more Authentic Business Success magnet you become. Whether you call it Universal Law, Spiritual teaching or Authentic Business Success principle, it’s critical for you to truly thrive as an inspired leader, empowered creator, and enlightened entrepreneur. If you don’t do anything about it, you’ll continue to stay where you are right now, as well as get the same results you’re getting now. Now for some, maybe for you, that’s fine, but I’ll bet that you’re not willing to be living the exact same life 10, 20 or 30 years from now, let alone 3 years from now. If you are totally honest with yourself, you probably deep desire and dream of an even better situation and you want your wishes granted sooner than later.

Now, you could choose not to do anything about it and choose not to look inside and decide not to commit to achieve authentic business success from the inside out. That’s what many service providers who are still struggling do. Please don’t get me wrong, I know what I’m talking about, trust me, I’ve been there too, it was one of the principles I personally worked through during my self-discovery stage in my life, what I call my “soul searching” journey just a few short years ago. And I was really good at avoidance and denial. But what I’ve found happens if you ignore the “growth” slice is that you keep struggling on some key areas of your authentic business success, wondering why things you want aren’t coming to you easier and faster. It can all seem to be an uphill battle and it can become really frustrating, making you feel overwhelmed and want to throw in the towel and consider giving up growing your business.

Well, when I started doing personal growth and becoming the next best version of my authentic self (becoming who I dream of being), since my soul searching journey, the confusion, frustration and struggle started fading away and EASE started showing up effortlessly. And the more I look at my “soul searching” fears and work on “clearing the clutter” that’s previously slowed the next level of authentic business success I’ve imagined, the more that success shows up for me.

It’s a process I continue ferociously, and help my clients with as well. Yeah, we talk about SERIOUS authentic business success, but this personal, intimate “inner world” too, because it all works. And it certainly pays off, in more ways than one. Sure, more ideal clients, more positive impact and income are the rewarding, but you also get freedom, fulfillment, fun, joy, grace and ease as a byproduct. And that’s the real payday, if you ask me.

So begin by making the decision to look within and be honest about what you find. If you resist it, it will persist. Make a list of all the fears, limiting thoughts and disempowering beliefs, all that old negative emotion you’ve avoided or that keeps coming up and blocking the authentic business success you so dearly desire. Be willing and be committed to apply the Law of G.A.D.I. (Go And Do It!) that we always talk about here in our successful enlightened entrepreneur tribe, and go and do it with this as well. It takes a little courage at first, but the more you go and do it, the easier it gets, and the more peaceful, powerful and authentic you become. I know you can do it and the transformation will astound you. I promise.

QUESTION: What’s stopping you from being authentically successful in your business? What’s holding you back from achieving authentic business success on your own way? I’d love to hear your tips, wisdom or challenges on being authentically successful in your business. Please share your comments below!

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