There’s a common misconception in much contemporary business thinking that “producing results” is necessarily synonymous with “maximizing profits.” But values-based leaders understand that these terms are not interchangeable—and that the latter can, in the long term, actually hurt the former.

The truth is that you can be a values-based leader and still produce results.

Key Elements of Values-Based Leadership

The key to leading with a focus on your value system is to understand that profits are only one indicator of your overall success—only one of the “results” you produce, in other words. The other results are employee engagement, client satisfaction, and overall impact your work has.

When you allow your values to guide your leadership decisions, you’ll find that hard decisions become easier and defending those decisions is almost effortless. Value-focused leaders tend to possess four main qualities, which are:

• Self-reflection: Values-based leaders ask themselves why they want what they want, how it will affect them and others, and what they need to do to achieve their goals. They’re honest with themselves about their strengths and weaknesses, and take steps to make the most of their talents and accommodate or correct for what they struggle with.
• Balance: Considering various viewpoints of a given situation is essential to the values-based leader. An open mind allows a leader to honestly assess whether his or her actions align with his or her larger goals and visions.
• Self-confidence: Values-focused leaders must believe in their strengths and what they have to offer; however, they also need the confidence to know that what they have is worthy, even if other people are smarter, wealthier, or more successful. Self-confidence is what allows values-based leaders to act on original ideas and in original ways to achieve results that align with their worldviews.
• Humility: To complement confidence, leaders need the humility to recognize that they are only one piece of the puzzle, and that everyone they encounter is worthy of respect and has something to offer.

Success at All Levels with Values-Based Leadership

When a leader establishes him- or herself as someone who treats people well, everyone benefits. Team members feel respected and engage with their work (going the extra mile, taking the initiative, completing tasks thoroughly and carefully), clients feel cared for and happy, and referrals tend to roll in.

Leading with values in mind is like running a marathon, not a sprint: values-based leaders are not just focused on revenue for this quarter, they’re focused on building a business that will endure and grow stronger well into the future.

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Known for combining innovative, no-fluff strategies with endless compassion, Tracey's talks resonate deeply with her audiences. Whether speaking about business, life, or retirement, Tracey draws from her more than 17 years in financial industry operations, marketing, training, and Human Resources, as well as her experience as a personal and professional coach, to connect with listeners on many levels.