Rebelling is not just about standing ahead of the crowd. The well-known rebels establish an exclusive identity and compel others to notice it. Are you outright sick of feeling ordinary,oradhering to the same old notions of the society? If yes, please implement the below-mentioned steps with utmost diligence.

Speak Your Mind

No, do not just blurt out whatever you are thinking at the moment. Speaking your mind means supporting your beliefs and opinions even when no one seems to agree with them. Suppose your office canteen lacks delectable foods. Go ahead and tell the administration that they need to incorporate items that can satisfy the appetite of the employees or else the productivity will suffer.

Get a Tattoo

The experts working for a reputed tattoo studio Thailand said a large number of modern-day individuals ink their skin to protest against the atrocities going around in the world. The themes are usually elaborate, huge, and multi-coloured, thus, capable of turning several heads. They are also believed to be an act of revolution conducted primarily by the millennial generation.

Change the Rules

You do not need to break the rules for being noted as a rebel. All you must do is behave in a way that distinguishes you from what is common.For instance, cut the sleeves of your letterman jacket and wear it like a vest. The students, instead of looking into their phones or textbooks, strut proudly, skip, skate, swing their arms, or sing a song when walking through the campus or hallway.

Question Popular Concepts

You will be known as well as respected when you question the concepts that most people tend to have faith in.  Accepting things at face value is easy but when you refuse to do so, you automatically break free from the pack, or better become its leader. Georges Cuvier, a French scientist, tried to convince African Americans that they were not as smart as the Caucasians. Friedrich Tiedemann, his student, showed there was no evidence to prove his theory.

Dress Differently

The people asking where to get a tattoo in Thailand know that they can rebel by dressing a tad differently. Making a spectacle of your appearance is an amazing way of capturing attention and spicing up mundane routines. Create contradiction in your wardrobe. If your boss does not provide you with rewards even when you work hard, show up in front of him/her wearing ripped jeans, sports accessories, loose tie, sneakers, thick framed glasses, etc. You can also dye your hair in vibrant shades.

Shrug Negative Comments

Focus on yourself and not on what others think of you. People will mock you for being unique, and though you must not embrace their cruelty, you must not pay much importance to it either. Remember, people try to bring down anybody who is different because they are afraid.

All the steps specified above, when carried out cautiously, allow you to emerge out as a rebel. That being said, it is necessary to understand the difference between rebellion and recklessness. The former is about fighting orthodoxy while the latter is vandalizing property and putting others into serious danger.

Author's Bio: 

Marina Pal is a renowned author and social media enthusiast.