One of the most common causes for a baby to get a red bottom (or baby rød numse as we call that in Denmark) is a diaper rash. A diaper rash is not that uncommon for newborns, in fact it is one of the most possible problems you can have. Though it is not a serious issue and it is quite easy to get rid of, while the diaper rash causes a red bottom, your baby will suffer a lot of discomfort and irritation.
The major cause of the irritation is that your baby’s bottom is very soft and tender, and when the diaper is placed on the misty skin it causes friction, and this friction on the other hand turns the baby’s bottom red and it becomes irritated. The best thing you can do is to try and avoid the irritation of the baby’s soft skin on its bottom, if it has already occurred you can try to lower the irritation to the minimum or you can use some remedy for it. The best precaution you can take to avoid this problem is to change the baby’s diaper immediately when it gets wet. Always remember to wash the baby’s bottom and dry it well before placing a new and fresh diaper on it. You should also check the diaper regularly, even if it is not completely soiled the diaper may still be pretty moist and you should still change it to avoid your baby’s bottom getting red. If it happens that you do find redness on your baby’s bottom, do not hesitate to use a remedy right away so you can quickly take care of the problem. Great remedies for a red baby bottom are diaper rash lotions and creams. You should apply such a cream on the affected area that has turned red, this remedy will remove the irritation and soon your baby will be happy and smiling as usual. A diaper rash may also occur and cause redness and irritation on your baby’s bottom because of some perfumes in the given diaper. Since the baby’s skin is soft and very gentle, it will easily react to such substances and it will become red. You can again use a remedy to cure the problem, however if it happens again you might reconsider changing the type of diapers you are using on your newborn.
So with gentle and constant care you can easily avoid your baby’s bottom getting red, all you need to do is to check the baby’s diaper more frequently, and you should always dry the baby’s bottom carefully but completely so that no problems will occur. And if they do, don’t cause additional discomfort for your baby, and treat the red area on its soft bottom with appropriate remedy creams, so that the young baby can feel comfortable and happy.

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