I trust we all knowing the fear of washing your favorite clothes only to have it seems like hip current fashion for preschoolers. Here you can find tips avoid shrinking from happening.

Steps to prevent shrinking from happening

In order to avoid the shrinking t-shirt the first thing you can do is to cautiously check the description of the product before purchasing. Only excellent cotton and polyester blends bring with included shrink protection feature.

Cotton and shrinking

Cotton is a best choice when it brings to breath-ability, presence and softness. However, if you don’t pursue the steps for shrinking avoidance, cotton shirts can drop their full size. This cloths shrinks due to there’s tension used to its fabrics and yarn at the time of the clothing manufacturing. The tension brings from the heat discharged in the washer or dryer. So that most material made from cotton shrink in the first attempt. To avoid shrinkage, you can wash these new material by hand.

Heat and shrinking

Heat is your great enemy, particularly when it brings to clothes made of cotton or wool. Any how, if you thinking that you can fix your problem by decreasing your dryer’s heat, you’re wrong. Mixing is the reason why animal material shrink, so having your material dry-cleaned is a best.

Drying and shrinking

For drying, usually, your clothes created from natural fiber clothes can never be introduced to the indoors of your dryer. Spending in folding tables and laying your material flat is something you can consider. If, for any reason, you should dry your material in the dryer, do it on the minimum setting of heat.

Ironing and shrinking

Ironing is also best. Air-drying won’t avoid shrinks as good as your dryer. It means your material will be neat wrinkled when dry. When ironing, It can be on the minimum setting. Immediately move the iron over your soft clothes to avoid the big wrinkles, But keep in mind don’t use maximum heat!

Considering for preshrunk shirts will help you to avoid the shrinking problem. But keep in mind that preshrunk shirts may shrink a small. By maintaining a careful eye on clothing labels should also be of the biggest help. Time, money and failure are valuable things, so save them by maintaining your clothes cautiously.

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