How to Avoid Struggle, So You Can Live Your Life, Now!
By Darla LeDoux CPC, ACC, ELI-MP
Are you living a "Someday, Maybe" kind of life? Do you think that eventually you will have the life, the career, the business, the happiness you desire, but first you have to ___________ (have $X in the bank, get some more credentials, start a family, lose some weight, discover your purpose)?
As long as you continue to believe that, and think thoughts that are aligned with that, and speak words to reinforce that, it will be true. Someday, maybe, you will have a life. In the meantime you are stuck in daydreams about the future (not visions or plans), and reactions to the past.
To change it, you must decide, NOW, to be the person you want to be in the future, TODAY, and allow the things you desire to come into your life, without the struggle.
Be the Vision, Now
You have probably heard of the idea of "acting as if," which may also be called "fake it 'til you make it." This can be an easy concept to get, intellectually, but many of us who strive for authenticity can have a hard time with this idea. We don't want to try to be something we're not, after all. But we need to get comfortable with it.
Being who you need to be to have the life you envision is different than being inauthentic.
You can think of this shift as simply allowing yourself to practice the skills you will need in your future life today. When you are truly being that person, you will quickly notice or become aware of different opportunities, ideas, or connections that you may not have noticed at a lower level of consciousness. Stepping into, for example, a life in which you view yourself as a business owner, even if you are working in a job, will totally transform the way you operate in your job. You'll be more committed to the places you choose to spend your time, and you'll probably stop doing things of lesser value that you've been doing because you should. You'll probably get recognized and earn responsibility by being that future version of yourself, now!
If you can envision something, and you desire to make it happen, it is authentic to you, even if you don't have it all figured out yet.
If you can see a picture for something you want to create in the world, it doesn't matter whether you have the credentials, or the money, or the connections to make it happen - acting as if you do is as authentic to you as if it were already done. This doesn't mean you don't have to do the work to get where you need to be, but there is no need to act small in the meantime. You wouldn't have the vision if it weren't 100% possible for you to fulfill on it. It is OK to act as if that were true.
Release the Struggle
Often when someone seems to struggle repeatedly in life, there is actually a hidden commitment to struggle. Perhaps they were raised in that type of energy, or are really fearful of success. However, if you are interested in breaking free from the struggle, two simple rules can help with that:
1. Struggle is nothing more than a signal that we are resisting something the Universe is trying to bring into our lives or our awareness.
If something doesn't go the way we imagined it to go, and we begin to struggle or suffer about it, the first thing to do is to ask "what might the Universe be trying to bring me that I haven't recognized yet?" Often there is an opportunity hidden in the struggle or the disappointment. A missed appointment leads to a new connection. A service that is unfulfilled gives an opportunity to discover a new skill in oneself. An ended relationship or job brings a surprising new beginning. The rule is always true; it just takes some digging to see the opportunity.
2. Struggle is always a reaction to the past.
When we don't notice the good that is trying to make its way into our awareness, it has to do with some belief system from the past. We are too busy focusing on what is wrong with a person or a situation to notice the opportunity. We do this because the person or situation reminds us of a person or situation we've encountered in the past, and our fixation on this (likely subconscious) won't allow us to look past it to release the struggle. For example, if someone doesn't fulfill on a service they promised us, and this reminds us that our parents never fulfilled on their promises, and we felt unimportant then, the new experience will trigger that same feeling, and we won't be able to see the new opportunity that is now showing up. Heal the past feeling, release the struggle.
Now is the Time
In the world of the "Someday, Maybe" life, someday never comes. If you think you will eventually have all of the whatever-you-need to be happy, and you realize that you've been thinking this for a long time, you may be holding out for the life that never comes. It will never come, unless you choose to release the struggle and begin to be it now. It is simple, but not necessarily easy, to make this shift. But, here's the deal, right now your TODAY life is waiting for you to claim it!
If you are ready to release struggle, be the change you want to see, and claim your life of Truth, Purpose, and Passion, get yourself the support you need today. Don't take the "Someday, Maybe" approach to your life, please. The world needs your gifts.

Author's Bio: 

Darla LeDoux is a Certified Professional Coach, “recovering engineer,” owner at Doux Coaching, and creator of Destination: Sweet Spot. She is fueled by a passion for people being who they truly are, exactly as they are, in business and in life, living in their sweet spot. In the sweet spot one uses their unique combination of gifts, talents, and passions and having maximum impact, with ease!
After spending 15 years in “successful” careers working for others – product development engineering, marketing, and education – the things she thought she “should” do to be successful, Darla found the courage to step into her sweet spot and follow the desires of her heart. She absolutely loves helping others to do the same, without spending 10+ years in the self-help aisle!
Darla works with people in all stages of transition and reinvention, who have tried doing life and business the “right” way, and are now ready to listen to that deep inner knowing and discover what is Truth for them. She coaches them to begin being who they need to be to have the life they desire now, not someday.