“Want to be YOU at age 93? New Research Offers Proof.”
• 1. Me: Important news: “University of Texas, Dallas, 10.21.13, lead author, Denise Park, in journal, Psychological Science offers verified evidence you can avoid Dementia and even Alzheimer’s as a Senior.

• You are going to live to 95, if you avoid being run-down by a City bus. Problem: 50% of Seniors over 80 have Alz or other forms of ‘dementia’. Wanna avoid it?”

• 2. You: “Sure, but will the solution be complicated, time- consuming and annoying?”

• 3. Me: “Expect it to be great fun and even pleasure. Be motivated to enjoy your present intelligence & memory in your Senior years. OK?”

• 4. You: “My memory is my Mind and sense of reality. Sure, tell me more.”

• 5. Me: “You may have heard that learning NEW skills in your Senior years enhances you brainpower. It’s a scientific fact. But just watching Jeopardy on TV, or playing Bridge does not create “Cognitive-Reserve”.

• 6. You: “Cognitive-Reserve is probably what avoids dementia, right? What does it take to make a difference
In staying mentally healthy as a Senior?”

• 7. Me: “Get this: learning things that are Mentally- demanding, challenging, and Unfamiliar. You gotta break out of your Comfort-Zone.”

• 8. You: “So doing the “Same-old, same-old” won’t cut it, huh? Playing Bridge or with that TV show is just NOT enough. Examples of what WILL work would be helpful.”

• 9. Me: “SpeedReading101.org fits the bill. It requires both
Short & long-term memory participation.

• You use both left-brain analysis, and right-brain pattern-recognition, together with using creative-imagination.”
Learning something NEW is the secret. The fact that it’s fun and useful, and easy to master, is a bonus.”

• 10. You: “Ok, seminars & personal growth workshops, what else?”

• 11. Me: “Learn how to be a photographer or an artist. Don’t get nervous, your work is for you, not to hang in the Metropolitan.

• It’s learning and improving on a NEW skill. It makes your Brain work creating new Neural Networks, with Synaptic-Connections. That’s the secret, see?”

• Some folks travel a lot as a Senior. An extra benefit is they can practice learning a new language. Just some useful phrases to order dinner or make a purchase is dynamite for your brain’s health.”

• 12. You: “That sounds easy and fast. When should I start?”

• 13. Me: “Is NOW good for you? Not kidding. The More You Learn (now) the healthier your brain stays. The secret again is what you learn is Unfamiliar, Demanding,
Mentally Challenging. Not ‘same-old, same-older’, right?”

• 14. You: “I’m on this, like flies on sticky-paper. If I control sanity or dementia, I want my Mind, identity & IQ to my last day. That’s right, and thanks.”

• 15. Me: “If you start now, you will begin to notice your memory improves within seven (7) days of practice.

• Become aware when you are being Argumentative, Sarcastic, Defensive, and speaking cynically. You create a negative attitude that terminates your learning & lowers your memory speed.”

• 16. You: “How come?”

• 17. Me: “Everyone’s Mind is protective of the Status-Quo, and does NOT want to improve. You have to baby your mind into learning new skills & knowledge. Why? Your Mind sees anything NEW as a Threat to your survival.”

• 18. You: “Forget I asked WHY. The psychology is not important, I want my entire 95 years to be Mindful & happy. Thanks for the Send-Off.”

• See ya, Remember, “You SNOOZE, you lose.” And, “The faster you learn, the longer you stay mentally-strong.”

• Copyright © 2013, Bernard Wechsler

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