When you lose a friend, you will feel like you have lost something that is part of you. A friend is a blessing from God to make your life better. A friend is someone who will be there for you at the time of distress.

What would you do if the friend you have spent so many nice moments with, who you had trust in, believed in is gone because of a disagreement you two had? Don’t let problems stand in the way of your friendship.

Avoid losing a friend

To learn how to avoid losing your friend, follow the blew guide:

1. Stop lying

You can not avoid lying sometimes. Sometimes, you lie to the people closest to you thinking it is a white lie. However, what you should realize is that a lie is a lie. You have to recognize and admit your lie to your friend before he knows from someone else and lose the trust he has in you.

Explain the reason that made you lie and then apologize with the promise not to repeat it. A true friend will understand and appreciate your honesty and will stay your friend.

2. Support your friend

Support and encourage your friend for the things he enjoys doing. Don’t put him down by saying, “don’t do it,” “you will fail,” among other discouraging statements. No one likes having people to discouraging him from doing what he loves or putting him down as most people don’t like to be surrounded by negative people.

3. Stop being obsessed

Jane wants her friend Mary to be with her constantly that Mary can’t do what she wants alone. Despite the fact that Mary has informed Jane that she needs time a lone and needs to see her own friends alone without Jane.

Don’t expect your friend to go with you everywhere you want to and to be with you 24 hours. Remember your friend has his own personality, his own way of thinking, and his own life.

Obsession is an attribute that not only friends don’t like and appreciate, but also your lover as stated in “how to win your lover’s heart.”

4. Respect misunderstandings

Often times, you might get misunderstood by your friend. Don’t let that misunderstanding affect your relationship with your friend negatively. If misunderstanding happens, ask him what he really means and give him the chance to explain to you what he means.

5. Don’t take your friend for granted

It happens so often that people don’t appreciate what they have until they lose it. Show your appreciation for your friend when he needs to. Be there when your friend needs you. Start giving support, this is the true meaning of friendship.

6. Avoid gossiping

Many people find themselves in situations where gossiping takes place. Be careful not take part in gossiping as it is a negative behavior that is a result of insecurity and jealousy.

7. Keep the secret

Respect your friend’s secrets and never divulge his secrets to anyone. If you divulge a secret, your relationship with your friend could get ruined. Even if you two argue, be noble and keep the secret. It is an attribute honest and noble people have.

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