How to avoid being hustled. Not one day goes by without someone telling me that they have been conned out of their hard earned money. But when you analyse everything they tell you you can see how it happened.

Take this example. A guy I know - who lives alone in a rented room in the worst part of town - had a phone call telling him he had won a bed in a competition and the caller wanted to come over - with another guy - to deliver it to him and talk to him. The guy I know was over the moon to hear he was getting a free bed. He never does competitions. I told him it seemed very strange to me and it made no sense at all that they would send over someone to talk to him at all, let alone two of them. But he was so pleased at this wonderous news he would not listen.
When the day arrived he saw two men hang around his door for a moment and have a look and then walk off. They had obviously decided not to bother to come in and try to persuade this guy that he should buy a very expensive bed when they saw he lived in a small rented room in the worst part of town and has no money.

It is no good just being highly delighted when you hear something like this, you have to analyse it and work out whether it makes any sense or not. How can you just accept what a stranger says?

I also know a woman who went onto a website looking for help because she was distraught and worried and had a "free" reading from a person purporting to be a clairvoyant. The reading told her that things would soon get better if she paid them lots of money to remove a curse! She was so hooked by then that she gladly paid a lot of money to remove a non existent curse. She would have been much better off going to a site where the readers have a proper pedigree, have proven they are efficient and genuine, and who charge a proper price rather than a freebie to catch an expensive fish later. Such as the well known psychic and reader Beth Shepherd. You can get such a service here at

Online scams and ones in real life are all around us it is up to us to be diligent. We cannot expect that everyone tells us the truth just because it suits us. Think twice before you agree to anything with any stranger, work out the logic of it and you cannot go wrong.

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