How to avoid being a victim.. As all women know you can be a victim of love, you can be lied to by a married man or used by a man for sex, you can be used at work by being asked to do lots of unpaid over time, there are lots of ways you can become a victim, but for the same of this article I will talk about how you can make sure that you are not conned out of your hard earned money.

There are two ways we spend money. One is in our private life, things like food, clothing, holidays, but very often we might spend more if we own a business and invest money in staff, advertising, marketing and other high expenses.
How do you avoid being parted from any of your cash where you regret it later?

Well I find that looking for a bargain is where most go wrong. For example, when I seek staff, I often get people offering to work for me for free or very cheap. They are useless. If they were any good someone else would have already spotted what a bargain it is to have them work for free or cheap and they would no longer be available. They are either offering to work for free because they are bored or because they want to get back into work or to learn skills but they have nothing to offer. It is a false economy and it makes more sense to choose the person who is bright and who charges more but does a better job.

I am amazed at how many seemingly intelligent women fall for the scam of the free readings on sites online. They think wow, goody, it is free. They do not see that the so called clairvoyant is an unknown person that is not trusted by anyone, with no qualifications, no proper pedigree,
no celebrity clients, they just focus on how it is free!
Then they hear a lot of rubbish and listen because it was free. The only reason they are making this offer is because they then want to sell you an expensive curse removal or an expensive follow up reading. But you are actually far better off going to a proper qualified and reputable person with a long and proven track record who charges a fair price and where you know everything they tell you is accurate.. i.e.

There is rarely such a thing as a true bargain in business or in private maters. I have one wonderful staff member who is very expensive but she is so good and so popular she is well worth the expense and far better than twenty cheap staff. Remember that! How to avoid being a victim.

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