As anyone who has experienced a break-in will know, it can be an incredibly stressful experience. It is not just the loss of or damage to property that is at issue – many people feel personally traumatised at the idea that somebody has invaded their own space. To avoid this happening, and to try to put your mind at ease a little when you go away, it is essential that you take some sensible precautions to keep your home secure. As we shall see, this can be anything from installing intruder alarm systems to more simple considerations like ensuring doors and windows are properly secured.

Lighting: Far more burglaries take place during the night when the intruder can take advantage of the darkness and lack of passers-by. Installing sensored lights outside your property can deter anyone looking to break into your home as it draws attention to their activities and also gives you a warning that someone is within the vicinity.
Doors And Windows: The majority of burglaries actually tend to be opportunistic rather than an organised break-in.

Often it can be something as simple as a passing intruder noticing an open or badly secured window and seizing the moment. It sounds very obvious, but do double-check that all your doors and windows are securely locked before leaving your property, and ensure that any patio doors come with a modern multi-locking system to make it difficult for even the most determined of burglars to gain access. Double glazing on your windows is essential, as the average burglar won’t want to draw attention to themselves by trying to smash through thick glass.

Alarm Systems: There is an extremely wide range of intruder alarm systems on the market today, so it’s up to you whether you want a low-cost alarm you can install yourself or a more expensive but sophisticated system. Whichever you choose, it is important that you make it obvious to any hopeful intruder that the alarm is there. Research the market and get advice from experts in the field or your local police station to find out which systems have proven to be the most effective.

Gates And Fences: If you have fences or walls around your property, make sure they are sturdy and well-maintained with no inviting weak points. Gates should be securely locked at all times from the inside, and you could also consider growing a prickly hedge on the outside of the fence as an added deterrent.

Outbuildings: A poorly secured garage or shed can be very tempting for the opportunistic burglar, since people will often store valuable items in their outbuildings and it is relatively easy to get in and out of them before the householder is aware of it. Make sure, therefore, that any outbuildings are just as carefully locked as the house itself, and you could even fit a separate alarm in your garage if you want to be especially careful.

Having your house broken into can be a very traumatic and potentially financially damaging experience. To avoid the stress and loss to property a break-in can entail, make sure you take adequate and sensible precautions to secure your home.

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Chris Jenkinson is a UK internet marketing consultant writing and working for Accord Fire and Security who specialise in intruder alarms and intruder risk assessments.