Not every candidate is looking for a high paying job. Many jobs are more appealing based on the other types of incentives that you can offer. Here are some of the ways that you can attract talent and still afford them.

Offer Flexibility with Hours

When millennials were polled, 76% of them said that they would take a pay cut if they were able to have flexible hours. This is likely due to the increased interest that younger generations have in wanting more of a balance. Offering the ability to work remotely or to set their own schedule can be one way to attract younger talent. This doesn’t mean that they aren’t willing to put in the hours for your company. There is just more of a focus on being able to have a life outside of the job.

Have a Great Benefits Package

Benefits are just as important as the salary. In some cases, younger generations may find a job that offers better benefits more attractive. This would include things like having competitive health insurance and a matching retirement plan. It may seem out of reach for a small business due to the costs. Using accounting services can help you to offer the best possible benefits to your employees. Having attractive benefits may help you to retain some of your younger employees.

Get Creative with Job Titles

For some people, having a prestigious job title may be important. Get creative when it comes to developing your business’s job titles. You may end up appealing to the ego of younger generations. They can feel important when they tell people what they do for a living. Balance the job title with the responsibilities that are expected. Offering more responsibility and control may be something that a prospective employee is looking for in a job.

Showcase Promotional Opportunities

Many employees are willing to stick with a company that has room for growth opportunities. A smaller business may look more attractive if you highlight promotional advancements. An employee can see themselves being rewarded for their hard work. Recognition is just as important as a higher paying job. Employees want to know that you appreciate their efforts. Make sure to fulfill any of the promises that you make to incoming talent. You don’t want them to become disillusioned with the job, and start looking elsewhere.

A job is more than just the salary. You have to balance out the benefits and perks that are offered in order to entice younger employees.

Author's Bio: 

Hannah Whittenly is a freelance writer and mother of two from Sacramento, CA. She enjoys kayaking and reading books by the lake.