“How do you attract women?” Tell me, what’s the answer?

I’m not talking about the politically correct answers like “Ask her out for dinners” or “Tell her how beautiful she is.” That stuff is reserved for people born in the 1920’s

More and more women are coming out and admitting that a regular Nice Guy is what has them running for cover and the guy who is a bit more challenging, against the norms and shows her a wild side is found attractive.

But let’s talk about the perspective of the average guy.

Why is it when most of us see a hot women we immediately start to think of all the different scenarios we could be with her in… and why is it when socially savvy men see her the only thought in their mind is…”That’s for me.”

I’ve interviewed guys who are successful with women and dating again and again…and found their approach to dealing with attractive women is different than most shy men.

When average guys find themselves in these situations we like to “figure out” how we can get her to like us.

We don’t really know what to do…and worse once she leaves that’s when all the brilliant things to say come to mind.

The thing is when guys are in environments of sexual vibe we freeze up. We’re not comfortable with these scenarios where the emotions take over our body and we don’t know how to act.

Socially savvy men on the other hand don’t have this problem. Here’s the reason why “how to attract women” is intuitive for THEM. That same emotion causing you to freeze up and act uncertain compels them to get up and do something with it. They feel a surge in their body that causes them to respond while being immersed in it…even if he’s sitting casually in a coffee shop talking to her.

Women can tell who’s comfortable during those situations when such emotions come up. It’s subtle and unconscious even for her…that’s when she gets that feeling he’s “sexually aware”.

So why aren’t most guys comfortable in these scenarios?

It has to do with societal upbringing in modern society.

It’s generally not they guy’s fault for not being able to meet and attract the kind of woman he wants.

In fact some of them even take the action and try. Unfortunately it doesn’t always go the way planned.

There’s several ways to overcome this block.

One of the best ways I’ve found is to get yourself female friends. Ideally you want to make friends with the women you would actually like to date…Then start to learn about the kinds of guys she’s attracted to.

If you’re a decent friend more than likely she’ll tell you about her boyfriend issues (who hasn’t been there?) and the types of guys she’s dating. As you learn about the kinds of guys she’s into begin to see where in your personality those qualities exist.

Then…next time you meet a woman you’d like to date exaggerate those parts of your personality.

Although most guys have female friends they’d like to date this is the missing piece they’re not putting to use.

Learning how to attract women has several different roads one of which is NOT doing the things that repel them. It becomes much easier when you realize that the answer might be openly given to you by the female friends in your life, but you might not have paid attention To Continue Learning More About This Article Follow This Link: More On The Secrets To Attracting Women

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I was the guy who showed up to hang out and people would go “Ugh why’d they have to bring HIM?” But I learned some of the most incredible things that lead me to understanding and dating women. Here's a link to my good friend's website where you'll learn more on how to attract the kind of woman you want: Learn The Secrets To Attracting The Woman You Always Wanted